WORK SPACES in Chiang Mai -2021

With ambitions to develop into a true co-working space, the superbly appointed, spotlessly kept, ultra-modern and state-owned Thailand Creative and Design Centre Resource Centre provides a free one day trial with a ‘Tourist Pass’ (offering the same benefits as their ‘Premium’ membership) valid for 10 consecutive days for 200 baht; obtained in succession, 30 days access to TCDC Chiang Mai therefore costs just 600 baht and, as such, easily represents the best value paid work space anywhere in the city.

Otherwise, there are currently seven fully-fledged co-working environments within municipal Chiang Mai: Addicted To Work, MANA, two branches of Punspace, StarWork, the Software Industry Promotion Agency’s Software & Digital Content Centre and, the very latest to open, The Brick Startup Space. For the use of a hot desk, a daily pass ranges in price from 99 to 299 baht with monthly membership rates of between 2500 and 3700 baht.

Of the innumerable coffee shops throughout the city, the most well-trodden café which functions more as a work space is Creative And Meeting Place (CAMP) on floor five of Maya shopping mall; open round-the-clock, a minimum spend of 50 baht per person in the on-site ‘canteen’ entitles you to two hours free use of AIS WiFi. The bulk of other cafés (now including all of the nine city branches of Starbucks) supply unlimited free WiFi conditional to an in-store purchase.

Eager to have your say on which workspaces you use in Chiang Mai, how much you spend and which you feel represents the very best value for money? Well now’s your chance by leaving us a comment below!

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