Why can’t I sell my dream home in Chiang Mai?

Why can’t I sell my dream home in Chiang Mai?


Must be the Agent’s fault right? After all who else can be to blame?


Yet Real Estate Agents are just that: Agents. We don’t make the market, that’s the people who agree to buy or sell or lease. We simply interpret market conditions or act as a conduit for sales or leasings.


So when your dream home doesn’t sell, maybe sit down and objectively ask yourself “Why?”

The two most common reasons:

** your dream home is your dream home; your design, your taste, your style. And how many of you are there in the world?

** the asking price is too high. Just because you built extra thick, over specified  walls, put in a gold toilet seat or maybe chose that special pink wall paper for the living room, doesn’t mean that you added value to your property.


Value is what one person will sell for and another buy for, having regard to a variety of other factors—including other similar properties. Value is not determined by factors such as your home currency has fluctuated; your wife’s auntie said your home is “cheeeppp” or it rained last Friday!


Really want to sell? Simple, be realistic!


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