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Why Can’t I Rent My Condo

Why Can't I Rent My Condo

Ever wondered why some people find it is easy to rent their condo and others find it that theirs sits empty for long periods of time?

Chiang Mai has recently seen a boom in the number of condos being built with several thousand new rooms that hit the market in 2013 and many, many more units of all sizes due to hit the market over 2014 and 2015.

This makes the market much more competitive,  So ensure your unit is a leader in the market and stands out from the rest.

How to price your condos rental rates

If you are unsure how to price your condo then do not hesitate to contact us and will be more than happy to offer advice on the building and pricing your unit competitively. We have many years of experience and seen all kinds of rooms so with this knowledge we can guide you to pricing your unit that will help to rent it as fast as possible.

How to give my rental unit that Wow factor

Today with the newly built condominiums offering very similar units through out the building and also including the furniture in the price. Many units are starting to look the same, so if you do not have a very special view then what makes your unit more desirable than any other? Obviously it is the finishing touches.

These make all the difference. This is not only in the new builds but in the older buildings. A few tasteful pictures on the wall, a larger TV, Some quality curtains can really make a difference.

If done correctly a little extra spent at the beginning will pay for its self in a very short period of time.