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Like a lot of its similarly mature contemporaries, the almost three decade old Vieng Ping condo is standing up well to the test of time. For all its steel-beamed and long-lasting architectural makeup, to credit the property by its alternate –and far more grandiose sounding- moniker of Viangping Mansion would be to embroider the noticeably down-at-heel condition of the building itself. The impressive looking high-rise enjoyed a much-needed fresh lick of paint just a few short years ago. Improving outward appearance no end, not to mention supporting many units that have been renovated into thoroughly modern, comfortable and well-equipped condos. As a result, the Vieng Ping condo remains a hugely popular piece of Chiang Mai real estate among foreign investors and long-term tenants seeking to maximise their money’s worth.

LOCATION – Well there is no denying its great location!


Vieng Ping condo backs right onto the ultra-modern Maya Lifestyle Shopping Centre. Standing at Rin Kham junction and the most recent addition to Chiang Mai’s mall scene. The iconic and world-class retail arena shelters no less than a hundred plus shops and restaurants to say nothing of a digital multiplex SFX cinema, showing all the latest film releases in English and Thai.

A health and fitness hub plus a branch of the homegrown Rimping Supermarket for imported foodstuffs and locally sourced premium quality groceries.

Condo residents can stop by the weekly open-air pop-up market to tuck into cheap Thai dishes or head to the mall’s top floor to view the sunset over the Thanon Thong Chai mountain range.

Emerging from Maya and scarcely several paces beyond is the 1.3km main drag of Nimmanhaemin Road and the vibrant epicentre of its stylish namesake neighbourhood. 

Whether for dining opportunities, retail therapy or leisure interests, the decidedly 21st century Nimman area is complete for a venue vastly more steeped in heritage and Lanna [Northern Thai] traditions, Chiang Mai’s 720 odd years of age and eternally captivating ‘Old City’ is but a 5 minute drive away to the south east; while for an escape from the built-up environment, a comparable distance along the Huay Kaew thoroughfare in the opposite direction lies the greenery shrouded Suan Sak campus of Chiang Mai University (C.M.U.) home to the exceedingly photogenic and placid Ang Kaew lake directly behind which the forested landscape of the biologically rich and ethnically diverse Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

ON-SITE FACILITIES – Basic for sure!


Pool is not included in the rent and currently out of service. It will remain unavailable for the foreseeable future.

An electronic keycard system is absent at Vieng Ping condo. Still, many security guards patrol the premises 24 hours a day, and closed-circuit surveillance cameras are installed throughout communal spots. Inside the WiFi-outfitted but somewhat lackluster lobby, the front desk is staffed between 9 AM and 5PM Monday to Saturday, and ahead of which are situated separate passenger and service lifts [elevators]. Outdoors at street level, a fair number of underbuilding private parking spaces are available and, conveniently in the vicinity, a covered row of half-dozen coin-operated, self-service washing machines and a tumble dryer.

ROOM TYPES, LAYOUT & SPECIFICATION – Varied without doubt!


The 14 storey Vieng Ping condo’s single building features are more significant than average. Studio rooms at 31 to 44 sq m with one and two-bedroom units provide from 63 to 108 sq m of habitable space. The units come furnished, air-conditioned and, for the most part have an open plan layout.

Still, for something a bit special and representing one of the most monumentally sized condo units in the whole of Chiang Mai, feast your eyes on this 523 sq m four-bedroom, five-bathroom duplex penthouse suite occupying the upper two floors of Vieng Ping with its very own landscaped roof garden commanding 360° bird’s-eye vistas to die for!

While you’re here, why not peruse the rest of our available sales and rental offerings at Vieng Ping condo.

Are you living at Vieng Ping condo now, or have you stayed there in the past? If so, we’d love to hear your own opinions of the place, so please feel free to leave us your comments below!

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FAQ about Vieng Ping Condominium

Yes, Vieng Ping Condominium has a nice outdoor pool located on the second floor.

The rules for the use of using the pool at Vieng Ping Condominium vary constantly and so does the opening times. So we advise checking with reception for the latest information on the usage of the pool.

Please note that the pool conditions can change rapidly and the pool is often closed for long periods so Perfect Homes does not claim that the pool is available at any time. All condos rented at Vieng Ping does not make any claims over the usage of the pool.

No, currently there is no gym at Vieng Ping Condominium.  Though you have easy access to the gym in Maya shopping mall.

Yes, Vieng Ping Condominium has 24hr Security.

No, Vieng Ping Condominium does not have a 24hr reception they are generally open office hours only.

Officially Vieng Ping Condominium does not allow rentals in the condo for less than 30 days as per the government regulations.

Yes, Vieng Ping Condominium offers easy access to the local red taxis, also due to it location Grab drivers are plentiful in this area.

The closest coffee shop to Vieng Ping Is just a few minutes walk, and Maya is a few minutes walk in the other direction. This a main draw for many.

No, there are no shops Vieng Ping Condominium.

Car Parking is limited at Vieng Ping Condo and offered on a first come first served basis. Though many will simply park their car on the side of the road when unable to get a actual space on condo grounds.

Vieng Ping Condominium is blessed to have one of the most popular shopping centers Maya just a couple of minutes walk away.

The condo fees at Vieng Ping Condo are 17 Baht per sqm.

You can pay the common area fees monthly or yearly at Vieng Ping Condominium.

Currently the Foreigner quota at Vieng Ping Condo is full though it worth checking from time to time as this building is still popular with Thai buyers as well, so the quota does fluctuate.

Yes, you can pay your electricity and water bills at the reception of the Vieng Ping Condominium, though a small service fee for electric bills maybe charged.

There is no cleaning service provided by Vieng Ping Condominium. You will need to bring in your own cleaner.

There are laundry machines next to the lobby at Vieng Ping Condominium, these are the coin operated type.

Vieng Ping Condomnium does not allowed pets.

 Disclaimer: These FAQs are meant to serve merely as guidance and Perfect Homes cannot be held responsible for any inacuracies.


Agent Comments

Check out this amazing rooftop condo located on the top floor!

Check out this walkthrough video 2 bedrooms at Vieng Ping Condominium

Vieng Ping Condominium Location

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4 thoughts on “Vieng Ping Condominium – high value mall-side residence in winning location”

  • tookh

    In my opinion Vieng Ping Condom is arguably THE MOST conveniently located residential address in Chiang Mai, bar none. In terms of accessibility to all the amenities, comforts and the luxuries of a modern life, there is no better condo in Chiang Mai, NONE whatsoever.

    We are just next door to Maya Lifestyle Mall the most modern mall in town offering the usual plethora of international and Thai outlets, at Rincome Junction to northern end of the Nimmanhaemin (Nimman for short) district in Chiang Mai. And across the street from Maya, is the One Nimman Centre, the super trendy retail, F&B and entertainment centre.

    Immediately southwards lie the Nimman area, with rows upon rows of cafes and restaurants offering all kinds of delectable cuisines, as well as the usual boutiques and spas and massage shops. Further south, a half hour’s walk will bring you to the Suthep area at the other side of Chiang Mai University grounds. Again, food and beverage outlets prevail, student-geared in pricing and trends.

    Eastwards, down Huay Kaew Road, the north-eastern corner of the moat is just 20 minutes’ walk away. A short pleasant walk to the moat and all the delights and attractions of Chiang Mai Old City beyond!

    Westwards up Huay Kaew Road in the opposite direction, the Chiang Mai University night market, Kad Na Mor night market, Malin Plaza night market, with their student-friendly prices (by virtue of close proximity to Chiang Mai University), are all within 30 minutes’ walk away. Walk a bit further, and you will arrive at Chiang Mai Zoo with its famous Night Safari.

    Northwards following the Superhighway, Jed Yod historic temple and the Chiang Mai National Museum are within 15 minutes’ walk away. Go further, and you arrive at Chiang Mai Business Park, another uptown locality.

    What more do you want for an address in Chiang Mai? Vieng Ping Condo is strategically in the centre and within walking distance of many great destinations, all without being within the hustle and bustle of anyone of them.

    • Rob Bradshaw

      Absolutely! Vieng Ping Condominium is undeniably the epitome of convenience in Chiang Mai. Its strategic location, nestled amidst the vibrant Nimmanhaemin district and adjacent to Maya Lifestyle Mall, truly makes it a standout residential address. The accessibility to a myriad of amenities, from trendy retail spaces at One Nimman Centre to the rich cultural heritage of Chiang Mai Old City, is unparalleled. It’s the perfect blend of modern living without sacrificing tranquility. Couldn’t agree more with your assessment!

  • Melissa Hansen

    Interested in the penthouse unit. Is it available for rent? Possibly interested in purchase after viewing/ renting.

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      comments on our site regarding the Vieng Ping Penthouse I will email you regarding this unique unit in Vieng Ping Straight away.


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