Tips for making your Chiangmai property look & feel good!

First impressions are one of the most important aspects of buying or renting a home be it a house or condominium. The potential buyer will make the majority of their judgements within the first few seconds of seeing the property whether it be on the Internet or viewing.

10 tips to help your property look good:

  1. Make the house as clean and tidy as possible.
  2. Toilets and bathrooms in the house or condominium should be especially clean and toilet lids should be closed (but be prepared for people lifting the lid!).
  3. Remove excess personal clutter from around the property, this can be stored in boxes and kept tidy elsewhere.
  4. Organise rooms in the house or condominium to highlight their function i.e., 3rd bedroom should be seen as a bedroom not a storage room.
  5. If beds are staying, ensure mattresses are clean and if necessary replace them or cover them with a bedspread but be prepared for potential property purchaser/tenant negotiating for soiled mattresses to be changed.
  6. When making up beds, remove bed linen from under the cover (this can sometimes look unsightly) and store lined in a cupboard if available or make the bed up so potential purchaser/tenant of the property can envisage themselves sleeping in the bed.
  7. Although you should look to make the buyer feel at home in the property, it is advisable to remove some of your personal belongings from eyesight. The viewer walking round your house needs to be able to picture living in the property, rather than see it as your home.
  8. Tidy the exterior of the house; cut the grass, tidy any flower beds, ensure the parking area is clear of clutter so it can be seen that a car can be parked there. This is just as important as inside the house.
  9. Open the curtains and turn on the lights make the property feel as bright and airy as possible.
  10. If you have a viewing actually at the house make the house smell fresh, Use Potpourri, flowers or cooking. People use their nose in choosing a house as well as their eyes.

[info]It is important to stay relaxed when showing the potential buyers/tenants around your home. You are the best source of knowledge for the property so try to be responsive and welcoming to questions, answering them as fully as possible.[/info]

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