Shop-houses in Chiang Mai


The evolution of the humble shop-house is very interesting to observe.

Originally conceived as a place to work (ground floor) and a place to live (upper floors), in reality the designs haven’t changed much over the years, nor have the basic construction methods of costs and shop-houses remain one of the cheapest of all types of properties to build.

What has changed is mainly the externally appearances, and we now see smart, brighter facades—some very modern…  almost hip and trendy!

Add in a few vertical or horizontal wooden slats, some nice looking windows, coloured panels and a brighter appearance overall… and prices go up.

The shop-house has been reborn. It’s now called a town-home or is part of a so-called “community mall”, rows of shop houses laid out in a “U” shape or “T” shape and supposedly now an integrated community.

How long the brand new, shiny shop-house stays looking good, given the local ways of not maintaining any property, or allowing anyone to operate any type of business they wish or reclaiming common areas, blocking pavements and so on, is anybody’s guess…

What do you think?  Have shop-houses changed for the better? Or worse?

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