Real Estate Agents: we don’t make the market!


Real Estate Agents: we don’t make the market!

9k=If I had one Baht for every time that owners and vendors confuse the role of a real estate agent, I’d be well retired by now.

A typical conversation goes something like this—

Owner: “I want to sell at Baht 15M.”

Honest agent: “Sorry, sir/madam, the best we can get in this market is Baht 8M. That’s the market price; the price a willing purchaser is likely to pay for your property.”

Owner: “I can’t sell for that, that’s ridiculous. Just try at Baht 15M, I’m sure you can get that if you try harder.”

Honest agent: “Sorry sir/madam. The “market” is a collection of an unknown quantity of purchasers and vendors, the exact number of which may change from day to day. It is an intangible entity and the price of your property is determined by the market, not by us.”

Owner: “Oh…”

Honest agent: “The role of a real estate agent is to interpret the market, look at the forces of supply and demand, and assess what prices vendors may sell property for, and purchasers buy for, having regard to sales of similar properties around the same area and in the same period of time.

However, we do not determine the exact price to be paid, that is fixed by negotiation between purchasers and vendors. We are a link between the parties.”

Owner: “I see.” Pause. “But can we try at Baht 15M?”

Honest Agent: [sighs] “Maybe let’s do this. Please call me back in 6 months when your property hasn’t sold and we can talk about the asking price again then.”

What do you think?  Sounds familiar? Know someone with an inflated opinion of value of their home?

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2 thoughts on “Real Estate Agents: we don’t make the market!”

  • LivinLOS

    This just described my landlord perfectly..

    They owe the bank, dont have any money to maintain a rapidly devaluing house that is in need of refurbishment ideally and desperately in need of some basic maintenance to simply stop its slide into total decay.

    But will they accept a fairly sensible offer ?? Allowing me to spend the money to repair it now before it gets too late.. Or even discuss a counter offer and talk about it like adults ?? Not a chance.. They seem convinced because they spent X (and got ripped off) its worth X + etc because someones told them Chinese people are buying everything in sight. The fact that they made odd investment choices (biggest house on a cheap moobaan) or built a very expensive but now cracked and leaking broken pool simply wont register.

    Shame I liked it here but no way paying top dollar for a house thats subsiding.

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Hi LivinLOS,
      Thank you for your comments, You raised a good point , there are so many rumors going around about the Chinese.
      In one part they are very nervous buyers and on the other hand they are buying, but generally smaller condos.
      They do not like houses due to the owner restrictions on Non-Thai nationals owning land.
      So, again many owners have to realize they will not be selling to the Chinese in Chiang Mai.


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