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the real estate agent VS the property manager just who are they & what do they do?

The real estate agent VS the property manager just who are they & what do they do? Along with food and water, shelter is the most basic of human necessities yet set foot in the property market anywhere on the planet and you’ll be beset by a veritable who’s who of titles! Among the most…

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The 14 Rules of the Landlord and Tenant Relationship

The 14 Rules of the Landlord and Tenant Relationship The Landlord/Tenant relationship is one is an adversarial relationship by its very existence. On one hand, if you’re a landlord, your tenants are required to pay you a substantial amount of money every month, whether or not it’s convenient for them to do so. On the…

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Yellow Tabien Baan the house registration book for foreigners living in Thailand

So what exactly is a yellow house book? Quite simply, it’s a type of government-issued document called a Tabien Baan (literally ‘House Registration’ in Thai) which lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at the condo or house address specified in the house registration book. What…

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why use a real estate agent to find your property? or how to avoid a world of pain when renting or buying

There are few greater emotional and financial investments we make in life than choosing a new home. Yet it’s hardly a secret that real estate agents the world over are saddled with a poor public image…though, comfortingly for us, not quite on a par with that of lawyers or used car salespeople! With an almost…

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The Thai Investment Visa – Another Option for Property Owners

   Thai government officials back in 2014 took a long look at the property market as well as the existing immigration policies and astutely made the observation that investors in the property market were being short-changed, if not ignored, by Thailand’s immigration policies. These investors were giving a boost to the Thai economy, but were…

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The Ten Commandments for Tenants (or the Gospel according to Perfect Homes Property Management Services)

THOU SHALT COVET THE SMALL PRINT     Okay, we know a rental contract doesn’t make for the most spiritually uplifting reading but it really is a necessary evil to safeguard the interests of the parties involved. Properly acquainting yourself with the particulars of the document will shed everlasting light on what you can expect…

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Pet-friendly Condominiums in Chiang Mai domestic beasts and where to house them

Be it whichever of a scaly, a feathered or a furry friend, sharing your life with a companion animal has been scientifically proven time and again to provide considerable therapeutic benefits to one’s emotional health, spiritual well-being and physical fitness. For those who dream of re-locating to Chiang Mai and simply can’t bear to part…

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Top 5 things to consider if you want to buy a house (not a condo!) in Thailand

Many of our clients wish to follow their dream and buy a beautiful house in Chiang Mai or any where in Thailand for that matter, for retirement or to live-in full or part time whilst they continue to work overseas. We’re always happy to help but, if you are such a client, recommend that you…

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TM30 Explained! You Must Register Any Non Thai National Living In Your Property!

Are You Living In or Renting a Private Property in Thailand to Foreigners? Or simply have a someone staying in your property that is not a Thai national? If so, you need to be aware of a law that has existed in Thailand for quite a while and applies to everyone who provides accommodations to…

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