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49% Foreign Owned Condominium Buildings in Chiang Mai

Most people know of the law that prohibits foreigners owning more than 49% of a condominium building, this relates to the sellable area of the condo. This law was designed to protect Thailand’s property market being bought out by foreigners. There are now many lines of thought in certain locations that it is actually Counter-Productive….

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How to pay bills in Chiang Mai – A quick guide!

Not that it’s anyone’s favourite topic but if you’re in Chiang Mai for the long run, there’s no escaping monthly bills! Paying the RENT   As soon as you sign a lease agreement and as written in The Ten Commandments for Tenants, you have a legal responsibility to pay the rent in the amount and no later than the…

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Moving Home in Chiang Mai …made easy!

So you’ve just landed yourself a new pad in a different part of Chiang Mai. Maybe you wanted to upgrade or needed to downsize; perhaps you finally took the plunge and bought your very own condo or house; then again, it’s possible you simply fancied a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, the search is…

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Thailand’s New Residential Tenancy Laws the scoop on if & how the changes will affect you!

The tenant/landlord dynamic in Thailand isn’t always a happy or pain-free one! Odds are you’ll have heard the horror stories from seemingly model tenants of how they were stiffed out of their security deposit by a shady landlord. Or the cold hard reality at some kinds of residential property in the Land of Smiles of…

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the real estate agent VS the property manager just who are they & what do they do?

The real estate agent VS the property manager just who are they & what do they do? Along with food and water, shelter is the most basic of human necessities yet set foot in the property market anywhere on the planet and you’ll be beset by a veritable who’s who of titles! Among the most…

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