Seven Star Condominium


Check out Seven Star Condo’s best-of-both-worlds LOCATION!

Standin’ in the midst of the equally local and leafy neighbourhood of Jed Yod, the condo’s immediate surroundings are blissfully sleepy. Running the length of one side of Seven Stars and onward for some 300m is Jed Yod-Yu Yen Road lined on both sides with the cheapest shophouse eats and cafés. At the end of the strip stretches Jed Yod-Chang Khian Road and a ton more honestly-priced foraging and retail opportunities; from Jed Yod Plaza with its central roofed food court and nightly gathering of street food carts to mom-and-pop restos, 24-hour minimarts (like 7-Eleven and Tesco Lotus Express), pharmacies, dental clinics, hair and beauty salons, mobile phone vendors, fruit and veg sellers, clothing/footwear merchants, general purpose stores and the list goes on! Conveniently, the Jed Yod-Chang Khian Road actually links Canal Road and the Super Highway making for the breeziest access to the likes of Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna’s West campus, the landmark Maya mall, the perennially hip Nimman or beyond to the up-and-coming ‘burb of Santitham. All this in under a mere quarter of an hour’s leisurely stroll from Seven Stars Condo!

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