Key Considerations for Renting a Property in Chiang Mai with Pets

What To Consider If You Want to Rent A Property In Chiang Mai When You Have Pets!

Renting a property in Chiang Mai is extremely easy – an agent could show you a place an hour after you contact them, and you could easily be moving in the next day.

If you have pets, however, you’ll likely need a little more patience, though also consider a few more things than you might if you didn’t have one.

Renting Houses vs Condos in Chiang Mai


There is a very good chance that this decision will be made for you. Very few condominium buildings in Chiang Mai allow pets so, regardless of whether your landlord is on board or not, you are unlikely to easily find a building with softer rules on pets.

That isn’t to say there are not buildings that do – some even outwardly advertise themselves as such – but don’t get your hopes up too quickly as they are likely to be very popular with other pet owners and it is the individual owner that makes the decision!

You will find a lot more options when renting a house (Pet friendly Houses In Chiang Mai), however. Depending on the pet – we are assuming cats or dogs as they are the most commonly-owned – then it is likely a house will be a better fit anyway.

A house will also usually have at least some outdoor space, perhaps more floorspace too, and make it easier to go in and out at ground level.

Our tip is to make sure you make it clear to your agent in the first conversation that you own a pet and be clear as to the number of pets and their sizes. They can then avoid wasting your time showing properties that don’t allow them, but also advise on where to set your expectations.

Outdoor Spaces - for Living in Chiang Mai

What To Consider If You  Want to Rent A Property In Chiang Mai When You Have Pets!

If, as we’ve assumed so far, you have a cat or dog (indoor cats notwithstanding) then it is likely to be important that you either have or are near a safe outdoor space.

Having somewhere to walk your dog (or cat – yes, it’s becoming quite common in Chiang Mai!) is an important consideration, and there are parts of the city that are not particularly walking-friendly.

The central areas of the city lack greenspaces and easily navigated walkways, which is not ideal for pets that need a regular walk.

You don’t have to look too far out of the center to find easier streets and greenspaces that are more amenable to exercising both you and your pet.

Moo baans often have their own dedicated greenspaces within the complex, as well as quieter, safer streets in which to walk. They can also suit cat-owners as the peace and safety of the environment are perfect for cats to roam around.

You are rarely too long a drive away from a greenspace wherever you live, however consider whether your pet needs regular exercise as it can quickly tire having to negotiate the Chiang Mai traffic multiple times a day!

Pet Stores in Chiang Mai

What To Consider If You  Want to Rent A Property In Chiang Mai When You Have Pets!

Pet ownership is high in Chiang Mai and rarely are you far from a pet store. In fact, the pet stores in and around the city stock ranges of familiar food, accessories and pet care products as well as many you won’t find in your home country.

You’ll do very well to find a weekend market or even local market that doesn’t have stalls for pet clothing and accessories too, so there will be no shortage of opportunities to treat your pet with something new.

Failing finding what you need in a pet store or market – or if there isn’t one convenient for you – then online marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee have an enormous range of products. It won’t take a deep search to find what you need (or items you don’t!) and have it delivered within a couple of days.

The thriving Instagram culture of Thailand makes for some incredible pet accessories. A quick walk around your neighbourhood or local greenspace, and you’ll almost certainly spot a pet that’ll inspire your next purchase!

Veterinary Surgeries in Chiang Mai

What To Consider If You  Want to Rent A Property In Chiang Mai When You Have Pets!

The high pet-ownership in Chiang Mai means there are plenty of veterinary surgeries and animal hospitals.

These facilities provide essential services such as routine check-ups, vaccinations, and emergency care, as well as medication and advice for pet ownership.

Some facilities specialize in certain animal types – including livestock if you’re an adventurous animal owner! – so do your research on where would be best for your pet.

As with almost anything these days, Google or Facebook groups will be useful resources to find reputable and reliable pet care facilities.

Who will Look after you pet while you go away?

What To Consider If You  Want to Rent A Property In Chiang Mai When You Have Pets!

For many, the idea of moving to Chiang Mai IS a vacation.

However, there will come a time that you’ll want to get exploring South East Asia from your Chiang Mai base. It is unlikely you won’t get tempted by some of the quick-flight destinations you can reach that might mean you can’t take your pet with you.

With relatively high pet-ownership in the city there are a variety of options to have your pets taken care of:

  • Boarding
  • Pet-sitting
  • House-sitting
  • Neighbours & friends

Pet boarding facilities in the city that are suitable for dogs and cats, with both foreign or Thai owners, can be a safe and convenient.

Pet-sitting is extremely common in Thailand, with a surprising number of “career” house and pet sitters who spend much of their lives looking after homes and pets all around the world. There are Facebook groups and professional services to be found online, where you can find very experienced pet carers to stay at or visit your home and care for yours while you are away.

Once you are settled into Chiang Mai you might well find yourself part of a community or two which offer solutions. We maintain that it’s a city that is very easy to meet new people and find expat communities. Before too long you could find yourself with friends or neighbours who’ll check in on your cats, walk your dog, or even welcome them into their home while you take a vacation.

If you can’t bear the thought of being separated from your pet and choose to take a trip more locally, or a long road trip, then there are hotels around Thailand that allow pets to stay. There are some that specifically market themselves as pet hotels – at the time of writing there are two or three around the Chiang Mai area alone who call themselves dog hotels.

Owning a pet can sometimes feel restrictive on travel plans, but Chiang Mai is perhaps one of the most conducive cities anywhere to live if you grab the travel bug.

Pet ownership is popular in Chiang Mai, whether you bring yours with you, go shopping for one while here, or just fall for one of the many soi dogs around the city.

You’ll find facilities, communities and homes that will make owning a pet in Chiang Mai as rewarding as it is anywhere!

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