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Perfect Homes to pioneer next-gen real estate agents in Chiang Mai

Although the most popular type of real estate among foreign visitors to Chiang Mai, anyone who’s ever sought a condo unit here knows all too well the near mind-boggling choice on offer coupled with the potential language and cultural barriers. At Perfect Homes, we understand completely just how overwhelming and time-inefficient it can be to secure a rental condo in the city. But what if it were possible, after walking into any of Chiang Mai’s condos, to simply ‘view-and-go’?

Believe it or not, a fair few residential properties and hospitality spaces worldwide have been deploying fully automated robotic technologies and Augmented Reality solutions for several years now. No longer the stuff of science fiction, advanced AI-powered droids are already revolutionising service operation in various hotels and apartments across the globe providing everything from on-demand room service, luggage handling, laundry processing and security detail to, yes, even carrying out escorted tours of available rooms and communal amenities in real-time to prospective new occupants.

A developing country it may be but the robotics industry in Thailand has, since around 2013, witnessed not only a considerable surge in growth and influx of expertise but, more importantly, massive injections of offshore investment. As well as priding ourselves on making the customer experience our utmost priority, Perfect Homes is ever a forward-thinking business that openly embraces the digital age in which we live today. Precisely why, in partnership with one of Thailand’s cutting-edge and BOI-certified robotics enterprises, we are out-of-this-world excited to finally announce the imminent launch of our very own fleet of Enhanced Synthetic Realty Agents (or ESRA for short) and which, to the best of our knowledge, represent the first of their kind anywhere in Thailand!

Initially, our bots will be set up in the lobby area of just a few select condos in the city and, remotely supported round-the-clock by the manufacturer, will be programmed with bilingual (Thai and English) voice recognition, engineered with state-of-the-art sensor-guided navigation for appointment-free assisted walkthroughs, equipped with an interactive touch screen display and uploaded with terabytes of statistical data about the respective condo so would-be tenants have all the information they could ever need right at their fingertips; for added convenience, each ESRA bot will be installed with a printer to output a bespoke lease agreement which can then be signed and, together with your security deposit, first month’s rent payment and proof of identification, presented to the on-site juristic person in exchange for the key/keycard to your new home.

Given the economics of the ESRA project, though, we will be absolutely heartbroken to have to say goodbye to our small team of human agents (Bibi, Elle, Gam, Kai and Pond) and, while we do have their blessing, just cannot express enough thanks to them all for their hard work, commitment and professionalism during their time at Perfect Homes.

Coming in the next few weeks, images and a full technical specification of the ESRA bots as well as a roll-out schedule of which early adopting condos will be welcoming our ground-breaking new tech.

OK, this was our April Fool’s Day fun, but it not as far fetched as some my think!

Have your say: what do you think of our robotic initiative? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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