Palm Springs Nimman Condominiums  “living the ultimate” at the hub of Chiang Mai cool

Let’s kick off with the DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT of the Palm Springs Nimman condos!

Three decades ago, the Chiang Mai Supamitr Company was born. Today, we know them as Palm Springs Place, one of the city’s most notable real estate outfits with a knack for turning out better-quality, detail-oriented, comfort-integrated and lifestyle-centric residences. Builders of the handful of Urbana+ single- and town-home housing estates and a couple of commercial plazas, December 2013 was a milestone for the Palm Springs Family with the unveiling of their suite of modern architectured, eight storeys apiece Palm Springs Nimman condos.

In keeping with a botanical theme, each Palm Springs Nimman property is named after a different variety of palm tree! Palm Springs Nimman Areca (with 75 condo units), Palm Springs Nimman Fountain (with 74 condo units) and Palm Springs Nimman Parlor (with 74 condo units). Buildings were good to go between October 2015 and February 2016, whereas Palm Springs Nimman Royal (68 condo units). And not six months later, Palm Springs Nimman lifted the title of ‘Best Affordable Low-Rise Condominium’ at this year’s Property Export Awards Thailand.


Reckon you know the LOCATION of Palm Springs Nimman condos in Chiang Mai?

For those who want to be near enough but not right on top of the Nimmanhaemin action, the huddle of Palm Springs Nimman condos occupies a tough-to-beat spot. Accessible from  Nimmanhaemin Soi 5 and set well back from the lane, Parlor condo buildings; the approach to Palm Springs Nimman Royal is around the corner on Siri Mangkalajarn Road with the condo building itself standing at a distance from the main drag. On the other hand, the Fountain condo building lies off of Huay Kaew Road.

No matter which, the heart of the sharpest and most pulsating destination in town, Nimman, can be conveniently reached in five minutes flat! As well as its namesake side streets, Nimmanahaeminda Road delivers no end of refuelling opportunities at cosmopolitan restaurants and cafés. Not forgetting Chiang Mai’s high-tech landmark mall, Maya – hosting 100+ shops and restaurants, a multiplex digital cinema, 

Closest to the Palm Springs Nimman condos along Siri Mangkalajarn Road, an assortment of locally priced and cheery domestic eateries, coffee shops and 7-Elevens; on Sirimangkalajarn Lane 11 and handily positioned for budding or veteran digital nomads, the city’s foremost co-working space, Punspace Nimman; not even 10 minutes farther on foot is Suandok Park with its Tops Daily grocery store and Skywalk straight to Chiang Mai University’s Maharaj Nakorn teaching hospital.

And on Huay Kaew Road en route to the northwest corner of the ‘Old City, Kad Suan Kaew mall – blessed with over 500 shops and restaurants while anchoring a Central department store, Tops Market and I.T. City outlets, a trio of food courts, a bowling alley, karaoke cubicles, seven-screen cinema and the super Kad Sum Murd or ‘midnight market’ filled with pop-up stalls and food trucks dispensing a great pick of appetising edibles!

Stay with Perfect Homes to learn about the ON-SITE FACILITIES at the Palm Springs Nimman condos!


They may all sit on the same site, but every one of the Palm Springs Nimman condo buildings is fenced off from its neighbour and features its very own amenities:

  • 24-hour security guarded and single/double barrier entryway, CCTV camera surveillance and an electronic keycard system controlling admission to the premises
  • Private parking
  • Communal lobby with free-to-use WiFi internet and a front desk staffed by the resident juristic person
  • Twin passenger lifts [elevators]
  • Clubhouse with indoor fitness room and open-air swimming pool


Needing to check out the TYPES, LAYOUT & SPEC OF CONDO UNITS at Palm Springs Nimman?


None of the Palm Springs Nimman condos figures any studio units, with the majority share being one-bedroom pads. Size-wise, they range from 31.20 to 41.10 sq m in Areca, Fountain, Parlor and Royal buildings. Of course, 27.50 to 42.75 sq m in the Phoenix building and not that compact is anything out-of-the-ordinary among Chiang Mai’s newer condominiums. Still, at least with the various Palm Springs Nimman units, the max amount of liveable space has been exacted through intelligent internal design coupled with mirrors and large windows. Both Royal and the soon-to-be Phoenix buildings also star a sprinkling of 2-bed units at a more liberally proportioned 70.25 to 74.50 sq m.

Out of the box, Palm Springs Nimman’s condo units come with an open-plan living/dining/European style kitchen, fully furnished, air-conditioned throughout, enjoy an attached personal balcony and rigged with a digital door lock for added peace of mind. Using a grade A class of materials, the interior appointment is contemporary, intelligent and functional.

While you’re here, why not take stock of our sales and rental offerings at the half-dozen Nimman condos by Palm Springs.

Are you living at the Palm Springs Nimman condominiums now or in the past? We’d value your feedback by posting in the comments box below!

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FAQ About Palm Spring Nimman

Palm spring nimman  has a swimming pool

Residents can use it for free.

Palm spring nimman Condo has a Gym.

Palm spring nimman has a gym.

Residents can use it for free.

Palm spring nimman does have 24hr security.

There is enough parking for residents.

Pets are not allowed.

Check out the Palm Spring Nimman's location!

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5 thoughts on “Palm Springs Nimman Condominiums  “living the ultimate” at the hub of Chiang Mai cool”

  • Bob

    Price much too high for such a small unit. Guess it’s ok for young people who work and want to eat out all the time, rather than older folks who prefer to cook their own meals and have accumulated furniture over the years.
    Trying to find one unfurnished anyway.

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      HI Bob, It is near on impossible to find an unfurnished condo in one of the new buildings like Palm Springs on Nimman. Purely for the fact that they are sold fully furnished by the developer. That being said it is very hard even in the other buildings as most people arriving in Chiang Mai simply don’t have furniture so the properties cater to the market.

  • Hyun Chung

    We’re 4 people so we are looking for a condo unit which is 2 bedrooms, 2 king sized beds or 4 single beds, over 60sqr, full furnished, nimman located, swimming pool, blow B35,000 for 1 month between aug,4 to sep,7
    I’m so excited to rent for 2 br unit at palm springs Nimman

  • Joseph

    I would like to book elegance condo plam spring nimman fountain for 5 days (4-8/8/2023). Could you tell me the location is it near the shopping mall, what time is open gym room and swimming pool every day in August? Any other suggestions to me, thanks?

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Hello, Joseph! Please be advised that we specialize in long-term rentals having a minimum contract of 3 months. Is 3 months possible for you? If not, we recommend checking Airbnb.

      In the meantime, you can check our FAQ section about renting a condo in Chiang Mai below. I am sure it will have some helpful information in it for you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Have a great day,


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