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“How long does it take to sell a property in Chiang Mai?”

“How long does it take to sell a Chiang Mai property?” We always, invariably, get asked: “How long does it take to sell a property?” When we started in this business, it was a very hard question to answer, with a variety of responses possible:. “A month,” “Six months,” or “A year or two.” The…

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Return On Investment Calculator (ROI)

[xyz-ihs snippet=”ROICalculator”] Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator So you’ve got yourself a nice little nest egg or else access to a sympathetic bank manager and you’re thinking about buying into real estate but, quite rightly, wanna know what kind of bottom line to expect before jumping in. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned investment pro with…

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5 top tips to sell your house or condo in Chiang Mai

5 top tips to sell your house or condo in Chiang Mai       Before we give you our top 5 tips on how to sell your home in Chiang Mai, we’d ask that you kindly remind yourself about just what “market value” means. “Market value” is the price a willing vendor is prepared to sell…

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49% Foreign Owned Condominium Buildings in Chiang Mai

Most people know of the law that prohibits foreigners owning more than 49% of a condominium building, this relates to the sellable area of the condo. This law was designed to protect Thailand’s property market being bought out by foreigners. There are now many lines of thought in certain locations that it is actually Counter-Productive….

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