How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?

How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?

Utility Costs In Chiang Mai

One of the key considerations when living anywhere is the cost of the essential utilities your home will need supplying with.

Luckily, as with a lot of the fundamental living costs in Thailand, utility bills are frequently much lower than in most developed countries.

Electricity Costs In Chiang Mai


This could be the largest utility cost you will likely face and – as with anywhere else – will be dictated by your lifestyle choices.

It is the prominent power source for most as mains gas is not available in Chiang Mai, meaning many households will use it for cooking as well as the essential lighting and temperature control. We use that latter term as – to be frank – no one needs heating in Chiang Mai!

In fact, air conditioning use is likely to be the biggest contributing factor to your electricity bill each month. So, in the cooler November to January period you are likely to see a significant fall in cost compared to the hotter March, April and May months.

The unit rate is controlled by the Thai government, and does not fluctuate much, usually sitting between 4 and 5 baht per kilowatt hour. There is an additional standing charge, and a 7% tax on total usage.

With typical usage for one person in a one-bed condo, running a fridge-freezer, television, lighting, electric shower, air con, etc. this will usually cost between 800-1500 baht per month. For a larger house, with multiple residents, expect to pay upward of 1500 baht per month.

You will receive a monthly bill from PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority), and it can be paid at various pay-points around the city or through their app.

Mains Water Costs

How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?Most residential water bills are considered an insignificant living cost. In the most, part water bills will be in the region of 100-250 baht per month.

As the mains water is not of drinking water [Link to Drinking Water] standard, water usage is relatively low, and as there aren’t high water treatment costs, supply it is inexpensive.

If you have a large garden which needs watering, a pool you regularly top up, or hand wash your car twice a day then you can obviously expect to pay more, but in general the cost of water supply are very low.

Most condo buildings will have a fixed monthly rate – normally 100 baht per month.

Gas Usage In Chiang Mai

How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?There is no main gas supply in Chiang Mai, but it isn’t uncommon to operate gas grills or burners – often in the outdoor areas of a house. Most condo buildings won’t allow gas at all.

You’ll need to rent a gas bottle and regulator from one of the several city-wide suppliers who can deliver one, and it’ll cost around 300 baht to refill a 7kg bottle. You’ll need to pay a deposit for the bottle. This gas bottle can last months though obviously it does depend on how much cooking you use! Just be warned it will always run out just as you start cooking for the first guests you have invited over that year! 

Internet Packages

Many condo buildings have communal wi-fi included. This might not prove particularly fast, but it means you have internet access from day one. Some landlords might supply independent internet service in the property and include it in the rental cost.

In most properties it is more likely you will need to install your own internet service, and the main providers have stores in the main shopping malls.

Thailand is known for its fast internet speeds thanks to the fiber optic infrastructure installed several years ago, so you can achieve some very high speeds in your home.

Prices will start at around 500 baht per month for some of the basic packages, though signing up for a 12-month contract will save money over the course of the contract.

This will also see a saving on any installation fees.

Cable Television

How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?

The most common way to get cable television is to add them onto an internet package. With streaming services so widespread these days, most visitors to Thailand don’t bother with cable, but often the additional cost is small – from 200 baht a month.

If your condo or home comes with a television, there is a good chance a basic cable tv package will already be installed.

Most popular streaming services can be accessed with a Firestick, Apple TV device or similar, making traditional satellite or cable tv less common these days. TrueVision still offer them though, and include a lot of popular international channels. This will start from a few hundred baht a month all the way up to 2,500 baht+ for the most comprehensive packages.

The basic utility costs of running a home in Thailand are significantly lower than those in most western countries. This will, of course, depend on the lifestyle you lead and your usage!

Drop a comment below and let us and other readers know your experience of the costs of utilities in Chiang Mai compared to other cities.

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2 thoughts on “How Much do Utilities Cost in Chiang Mai?”

  • Frederick Blythe

    You are being ripped off, my monthly bill is around 65 baht that’s washing showers etc watering the garden and lawn

  • steve

    Your reading wrong. Its 4.5 baht / kw ht.
    45 is ludicrous and would land ownef inbjali for grand theft.
    the actual rate is 4.9 bt × .052 fuel surcharge = about 4.0 bt × )-kw used. I havev2 1btonba/s and basic elecy usage plus shower heater. Runns an ave of 500 bahtba month, last 15 years
    one condo a few years ago was charging 10. They got a visit from utility co an police


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