Moving Home in Chiang Mai …made easy!

So you’ve just landed yourself a new pad in a different part of Chiang Mai. Maybe you wanted to upgrade or needed to downsize; perhaps you finally took the plunge and bought your very own condo or house; then again, it’s possible you simply fancied a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, the search is over and you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself! But you’re not out of the woods quite yet; you still have to haul all of your stuff across town and in one piece. Really, how hard can it be? Well, according to a number of studies, moving home ranks right up there alongside a relationship breakdown, the death of a loved one, a major illness and job loss as one of the most stressful activities in life! And pity help you if you’ve also got little ‘uns or pets in tow! Rest easy, though, Perfect Homes is here to lend a helping hand to make the transition as smooth as humanly possible and, in the process, save you time, money, energy and, above all, your sanity!

Now you could always go down the route of a self-move; getting hold of packaging materials, boxing up your earthly belongings, readying a set of wheels, wrangling family and friends as hired hands, sifting through insurance policies to ensure your possessions are covered whilst in transit, loading up, transporting to your destination and emptying. All that and you’ve still gotta unpack…we’re exhausted just thinking about it!

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7On the other hand, unless you’re a diehard minimalist living out of a single bag, you could save yourself an absolute boatload of grief and hand off the unholy ordeal to a professional removals company for them to tackle the entire process from start to finish. Not to oversell the benefits but you won’t be having to make repeated trips as the van you picked out earlier turned out to be too small; no losing the will to live because you can’t remember in which crate you put the kettle or the screwdriver to reassemble the bed; no losing hours of your life that you’ll never get back; no need to lift a finger let alone a whopping great sofa; no risk of putting your back out or suffering any other bodily mischief; infinitely less chance of accidental damage/breakages to your gear or to property; no scrounging for packing supplies; no fighting traffic, getting lost en route or having to fork out extra for fuel; and no falling out with your nearest and dearest!

Yet the headache of tracking down a removals outfit that’s not only reliable but competitively and affordably priced is precisely the reason why most folks in the western world usually decide to go it alone when changing residence. Except that this is Chiang Mai and, we can promise, you needn’t have any such concern here in that respect! Like with so many services locally, there’s no better way of netting a reputable provider than word of mouth…and that includes removals firms. Having already saved the skin of many a foreign expat in Thailand, the moving maestros in this here part of the world are Chiang Mai Removals. Based in the nearby district of Hang Dong and contactable round-the-clock, the highly trained and experienced team offers a one-stop service for all your Chiang Mai relocation needs at prices a darn sight cheaper than those in your own native land! For the more plucky and independently-minded souls, you can choose from a selection of packing provisions, rent a truck from their fleet or stow any excess personal items at their secure warehouse storage facility. But for a completely worry- and hassle-free move, plump for their comprehensive door-to-door relocation package. And for added convenience, they can even arrange for your old digs to be returned to the same clean, habitable state as when you first took occupation!

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Then, once the consummate pros at Chiang Mai Removals have unloaded the last of your worldly effects and set them down in their rightful place, take ten and put your feet up before spending time reconnecting the internet, taking inventory, noting down utility meter readings, communicating your change of address, reacquainting yourself with the neighbourhood and generally settling into your new home. And long may it be before you have to do the whole thing again!

Care to share your own experiences moving home within Chiang Mai? We’re most interested to find out how you got on so please do post a comment for us below!

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5 thoughts on “Moving Home in Chiang Mai …made easy!”

  • Jonathan Lourie


    Pls tell me the cost to ship a cupboard from rawai phuket to chiang mai university

    Size is 120cm x 200cm x 50cm

    Jonathan and Oum

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Sorry we do not know these details please reach out to Chiang Mai removals.

  • Patrick

    I might take your advice into account and look for any available man and van service in my country. It’s a load of work to move a house and it’d be an absolute heaven if someone did it for me.

  • RAY

    DO YOU PROVIDE SERVICE FOR MOVING FROM MAE RIM [50180] TO CHIANG MEI [CONDO BEHIND MAYA]? (one individual’s books, clothes, a few appliances,… a small van is sufficient.]

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      HI Ray, Sorry we do not directly provide moving services here in Chiang Mai.


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