Modifying Your Buddha Shelf Position for Luck

Modifying Your Buddha Shelf Position for Luck
Due to Thai people’s belief in Buddhism, it is very essential to have sacred things to pay respect in the houses and condos. That is because they will bring peace and comfort to the residence.
 Moreover, it is believed that they can help prevent unfortunate things coming into the houses. For that reason, it is not difficult to modify your Buddha shelf into the appropriate position for increasing your luck. There are certain easy ways to adjust them to be better as follows:
  1. Take care of Buddha shelf’s cleanliness: Thai people always keep their houses clean, but most of them are not aware of the cleanliness of a Buddha shelf due to its difficulty to sweep the dust away. It is believed that it will bring misfortune to member’s family if the Buddha shelfs are not clean. Therefore, it is required to keep them clean all the time and keep water in the flower vase fresh.
  2. Put in the peaceful position: A Buddha shelf should be put in the peaceful and composed positions in the house. It is believed that member’s family will meet chaos and disaster in life if the Buddha shelf is settled down in the messy position, such as the door of the house.
  3. Do not put aside the restroom and kitchen room wall. A Buddha shelf should not be in the front of the restroom and kitchen room. It is believed to have mental illness and financial problems if you do that.
  4. Put above the head. If you are living in the condos or apartments, it is recommended to locate a Buddha shelf above the head. It is thought this is related to the luck for work and progression in life.
  5. Buddha shelf is Buddha shelf. For those who have a Buddha shelf located in a room in the house, it is recommended to not combine or leave other things with the room. Additionally, it is thought that the Buddha shelf’s room should not be located near the restroom.
  6. Do not put in front of the bed. A Buddha shelf should not be located in the bedroom due to the private activity done in the room like sleeping, changing clothes, or else.
  7. Do not put in the living room. That is because a Buddha shelf should be in the peaceful and quiet station.
  8. The number of Buddha images in the Buddha shelf should be an odd number.
  9. Do not put underneath the beam. It is believed that if a Buddha shelf is located under the beam of the house, there will exist unfortunate things to the member’s family.
  10. Put in the appropriate position. A Buddha shelf should not be seen from the outside of the house. It is considered ill-starred.
Modifying Your Buddha Shelf Position for Luck
Modifying Your Buddha Shelf Position for Luck
In addition to the right position of the Buddha shelf, it is very important to focus on the direction. There will be three ways to increase your luck by positioning a Buddha shelf in the right directions.
  1. Set to face the north.
It is thought that setting a Buddha shelf to face the north will help residents mindful, healthy, and intellectual. Additionally, it is also thought that the residents will meet all the good things in life, and there is no something to bother the residents.
  1. Set to face the northeast.
The northeast is considered as the prosperity. For that reason, setting a Buddha shelf to face the northeast is believed about money. It is thought for those who do a business that this will help improve the financial problems.
  1. Set to face the east.
It is believed that setting a Buddha shelf to face the east is the best direction. The east is considered as the intelligence and wisdom. For those who do like this, it will help complete things and make life more progressive. We, Perfect Home, expectantly hope that this will be beneficial information for those who are looking for the information about the Buddha shelf’s position and direction tips.

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