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Mobius Condominium beautifully small loft style residence with stand-outs

Intrigued to find out who’s behind the DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT of Mobius Condo?

Swelling the local property development ranks a dozen years back and fashioner of their earlier Boat Condo in the Chiang Mai Business Park, Mobius Real Estate neatly straplined their latest and namesake condominium project ‘Small is Beautiful’!

Resident-ready from March just gone, Mobius Condo’s actually a coupla adjoinin’ low-rise residential buildings. And architecturally, cut an eye-catching modern figurehighlighted with triple wall construction for convention-beatin’ soundproofingplus in-unitcorner bay windowswith integrated seating as a place for either netbookin’ or chillin’!

The moment to let on Mobius Condo’s WHEREABOUTS!

Lying on a 948 square metre plot between Suk Kasem sois3 and 5, Mobius Condo’s located amid every inch a sleepy Thai suburban neighbourhood backdropped by lush leafy surroundings. Yet literally steps from a pile of everyday necessities; heck, right in front of the condo is a goodly 24-hour 7-Eleven complete with All Café and down Suk Kasem Road, a general store, coffee and food stands, mom-and-pop eateries, fresh market stall, and pharmacy.

Scarcely more a stretch of the legs away and an absolute must-visit for sampling the flavours, arts, crafts, culture and hospitality of Lanna isMonfai Cultural Centre; a ‘living museum’ of reclaimed ancestral homes, rambling ol’ teak communal hall,Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space, Huan Jang Ngamcafé and resto to say nothing of the Northern Thai cultural experience events such as a traditional Khantoke dinner.

Now heaven forbid condo residents need medical attention during their stay but if so, Lanna Hospital’s a mere half a click to the south and, as it happens, the joining point for the Super Highway. Motor east for some 60 seconds to reach the Ping River then swing a left into Pa Tan Alley for a spot of waterfront dining. Not least the popular Chez Khao Soi for a semi-deconstructed version of the region’s signature and most beloved dish; while plating up the provincial capital’s finest classical and nouvelle French haute cuisine, the culinary gem of Le Crystal. Or elsescoot under Pa Tan Bridge and double-back for ne’er 600m to hit up the enormous Tesco Lotus Kam Tieng Hypermarket, the nearby and majorly photogenic Kamthieng flower market, and the multi-zoned al fresco complex of JingJai Marketwith its boutique outlets, cosmopolitan restaurants, trendy coffee shops, after-dark watering holes, and weekend Farmers’, Hobby and Rustic Markets.


Bare-bones but perfectly adequate ON-SITE FACILITIES!

Sat to one side of the way in and on the clock from 9AM to 6PM Monday to Saturday, the mini juristic office acts as the condo’s first lookout; and underpinned throughout the day and night by a jolly-natured but observant outfit of shifting security guards. Not to mention a spread of CCTV cameras about the premises, keycard-controlled entry and exit boom barriers as well as a fingerprint access terminal to set foot inside the main building.

Generously providin’ for around three-quarters of Mobius Condo’s overall occupancy, there’s ground-level sheltered parking to fit 35 cars with separate bays for two-wheelers. Present too is a single passenger lift [elevator] off the lobby, but no leisure features of any sort nor communal WiFi (though 3BB broadband internet can for a price be installed).

Introducing the TYPES, LAYOUT & SPEC OF UNITS at Mobius Condo!

With each of the upper four floors holdin’ the selfsame tally of units, the main five-storey condo block’s home to 44 studio pads sized between 28 and 30 sq m. Taking up the lion’s share of the room is the combined living/dining/sleeping area and partitioned from the snugly proportioned kitchenette which comes supplied with standard appliances. Though none are balconied as such, every unit enjoys a cosy enclosed outside space for the likes of drying wearables. The dual-level condo building alongside, on the other hand, houses a trio of 2 bed, 3 bath duplex ‘Extra’ suites ranging from 88 to 100 sq m. And downstairs, starring their very own gated entrance, private terrace on top of seriously airy open-plan living/dining/kitchen quarters.

All of Mobius Condo’s 47 soft loft type unitssport a smart,clean lookrendered in a contrasting white and grey decorative theme but brightened by a splash of colour from the assorted linens. Offered air-conditioned and kitted out in full with a selection of solid wood fixtures and furnishings, interior appointment’s refreshingly simple and unfussy.

Any thoughts, questions or comments on Mobius Condo?

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