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LIV@Nimman Chiang Mai’s Trendiest Condos

LIV@Nimman Chiang Mai's Trendiest Condos

One of Chiang Mai’s trendiest condominiums is LIV@Nimman. Completed towards the end of 2014, The units sold well to investors with many condos now hitting the rental market. Though the condos are light bright and airy with many owners putting there personal touches to their rooms making them stand out from the rest.

When designing LIV@Nimman they tried to be come up with some original ideas, well never seen in Chiang Mai before. Such as private roof top gardens for the top floor units. This I can not find in any other building. They also used the roof space of the reception building for a BBQ area with a wine chiller.
There is normal fitness and large lap pool. On top of the reception there is a library and a lobby lounge so you have plenty of  space to move about .So you will not be stuck in your room.

The condominium sizes average around 40-55 sq meters, which is not exactly huge but the modern designs and good use of space makes the rooms very comfortable.

We understand that this building is new, so we are awaiting the feed back from the first tenants in the building. So if you have stayed there and would love to hear your thoughts on LIV@Nimman. Please post your comments below.

Check out Elle at Liv@Nimman!

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Superb 1 bedroom condo : Nimmanhaemin Rd

For Rent
฿25000 - Condos For Rent

Superbly presented one bedroom condo at Liv@Nimman, Soi 2, Nimmanhaemin Road. Rent: 25,000 Baht/Month. If you are looking for a ultra smart, versatile apartment in

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45 Sq M1 Bedrooms1 Bathrooms Garage

Liv@Nimman Chic One Bed Condo

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฿20000 - Condos For Rent

A chic one bedroom condo for rent at the prestigious Liv@Nimman Condominium,  Nimmanhaemin Road. Rent 20,000 Baht. This Chic Condo has been exceptionally well designed

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48 Sq M 1 Bedrooms1 Bathrooms Garage

Liv@Nimman Two Bedroom Condo

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฿25000 - Condos For Rent

A 54.8 sq.m two-bedroom apartment for rent at Liv@Nimman, Nimmanhaemin Road, with a layout that optimizes space to the maximum. Rent 25,000 Baht /Month. This

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54.8 Sq M2 Bedrooms1 Bathrooms Garage

2 Bedroom condo at Liv@Nimman : Nimmanhaemin Rd

For Rent
฿22800 - Condos For Rent

A two bedroom condo for rent at the prestigious Liv@Nimman Condominium,  Nimmanhaemin Rd. Rent 22,800 Baht/Month. This condo has been well designed with its option to open up the

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55 Sq m2 Bedrooms1 Bathrooms Garage

(4) Comments

  1. Rick Boutilier

    on   said 

    I’m currently renting one of the larger west facing units on the 5th floor and I love it. I’ve made use of the gym, the roof top garden but so far not the library, wine bar or BBQ areas – though in time I’m sure I will.

    The building staff are very friendly and helpful as are the security – on several occasions when I couldn’t be home they took delivery of parcels and packages and even a large piece of furniture and delivered all safely into my condo.

    As building comes to an end I will expect that the painters will be around to get the scuff marks and nicks and dings off of the walls on the stair wells and around the Elevator Call access points. As well as getting the roof into a more pristine shape – (paint cans etc gone!)

    This building is well done and deserves to be well maintained – I am looking forward to getting back and am considering purchasing when one that I like comes available on the market.

    One last thing – regular exterior window cleaning should be introduced. This will be a large job that shouldn’t be ignored but made systematic and efficient.

    Many thanks for allowing me to write on your site.


    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      on   said 

      Hi Rick, thanks for the comments on LIV@Nimman, It is a very new building and plenty of odd jobs are still going on and the building management is still learning the building also.
      We are in constant contact with the building developers the are still very much involved in the building and also the building management team so we will pass your comments on.
      As like you say this a great development and deserves to be looked after.

  2. Hi there,

    I wanted to thank Perfect Homes for a job well done in renting our condo in LIV@Nimman. Very professional and well organized – your advice was right on target and I would be pleased to recommend you to other friends.

    Thanks again



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