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How to pay bills in Chiang Mai – A quick guide!

Not that it’s anyone’s favourite topic but if you’re in Chiang Mai for the long run, there’s no escaping monthly bills! Paying the RENT   As soon as you sign a lease agreement and as written in The Ten Commandments for Tenants, you have a legal responsibility to pay the rent in the amount and no later than the…

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Yellow Tabien Baan the house registration book for foreigners living in Thailand

So what exactly is a yellow house book? Quite simply, it’s a type of government-issued document called a Tabien Baan (literally ‘House Registration’ in Thai) which lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at the condo or house address specified in the house registration book. What…

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Is Nimman The #1 Place in Chiang Mai to Live?

Why You Should Check Out Nimman There’s no doubt about it, Nimman is the place to go for digital nomads. Or coffee lovers. Or hipsters. Or professionals. Or anyone that just wants to walk out of there front door and have it all within a short walk. Why does everyone love Nimman so much? Particularly…

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Starting a New Life in Chiang Mai

Whether someone wants to escape the rat-race and daily grind of city life, soak up some glorious Thai sun, explore nature or experience a whole different culture, Chiang Mai can be the perfect place to begin a new life.  In the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai has much to offer to anyone deciding to settle…

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Teaching English in Thailand

One way of entering a part of Thailand normally excluded to tourists is teaching English. Foreigners can legally teach in formal schools, language schools and even become volunteer teachers.Away from the bars and restaurants of tourist areas, most Thais have never had a face-to-face conversation with a foreigner before. Hence, students and Thai teachers tend…

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