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Drinking Water in Chiang Mai – A Survival Guide

Drinking Water in Chiang Mai – A Survival Guide It’s a familiar scene to those living in the developed world: parched, you reach for the tap (faucet) to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink of water not giving a moment’s thought to the origin, treatment or conveyance of such a precious –and life-giving- resource. Do that…

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The Thailand Elite Visa – A Privileged Way to Extend One’s Stay

The Thailand Elite Visa One of the lasting immigration policies of the Thaksin Shinawatra administration is the “Privilege Entry Visa”, also called the “Elite Visa”. The Elite Visa is a multiple-entry visa, valid for five-years, which can be renewed easily upon expiration. But here’s the caveat: as long as the applicant still holds a valid…

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Thailand’s Ten-Year Retirement Visa – Will it Affect the Property Market?

Recently, the Thai government announced that that the Immigration Department will begin offering a ten-year retirement visa to foreigners over the age of 50 who meet other specific criteria. Almost immediately, the foreign retirement community in Thailand was up in arms thinking that they had to meet the criteria set forth by the government to…

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How to pay bills in Chiang Mai – A quick guide!

Not that it’s anyone’s favourite topic but if you’re in Chiang Mai for the long run, there’s no escaping monthly bills! Paying the RENT   As soon as you sign a lease agreement and as written in The Ten Commandments for Tenants, you have a legal responsibility to pay the rent in the amount and no later than the…

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The worldwide war on plastic has been given a massive boost after a supermarket in Thailand started wrapping its fresh fruit and vegetables in banana leaves, instead of the dreaded, ubiquitous plastic packaging. And when photos of the produce were posted by local estate agents Perfect Homes,the story went viral, with social media bursting with…

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Exciting new plastic saving initiative in Chiang Mai local supermarket goes VIRAL!

No different to many other cities in developing countries, Chiang Mai suffers the growing pains of pesky plastic waste. In recent years, though, a small but determined band of resistance have been doing their bit in and around town to help reduce, re-use and recycle the man-made stuff. So when Perfect Homes spotted a rather nifty alternative…

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Yellow Tabien Baan the house registration book for foreigners living in Thailand

So what exactly is a yellow house book? Quite simply, it’s a type of government-issued document called a Tabien Baan (literally ‘House Registration’ in Thai) which lists all foreign individuals holding a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ visa/visa exemption who live at the condo or house address specified in the house registration book. What…

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Wing 41 Pass in Chiang Mai permission to shortcut through a restricted area

So what exactly is a Wing 41 Pass? Quite simply, it’s a special permit that allows everyday folk to drive their car or motorcycle on the 2km or so stretch of two-way road that runs through the Wing 41 Royal Thai Air Force base skirting the north-eastern flank of Chiang Mai International Airport. But naturally…

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