Just which is the best area to live in Chiang Mai?


Just which is the best area to live in Chiang Mai?


Chiang Mai has been described as the town which thinks it’s a city. For those of us who have lived in Bangkok or other Asian cities, it’s an absolute pleasure to know that you can, usually, get almost anywhere you plan to go in Chiang Mai within, say, 15-25 minutes.


So, whilst we all have different likes and dislikes, tastes and so on, why live in Nimman compared to just off Chang Klan Road? Why live in an older block off Suthep Road and not up by the new Convention Centre off the super highway? What about the newly developing residential areas around Central Festival and Big C Extra? Or for those who need the convenience, within the Moat (if you can find a place) or on Kad Suan Kaew Road?


What do you think, which is the best place to live in Chiang Mai? And why? Plus what makes your preferred area so appealing? What don’t you like about other areas?


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