Starting a New Life in Chiang Mai


Whether someone wants to escape the rat-race and daily grind of city life, soak up some glorious Thai sun, explore nature or experience a whole different culture, Chiang Mai can be the perfect place to begin a new life.  In the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai has much to offer to anyone deciding to settle there, whether as a permanent resident or a long term visitor.

One of Chiang Mai’s big draws is that is has all the things one would expect in a major city, without feeling like a major city.  The pace of life is slow and relaxed, with none of the hustle and bustle often associated with large cities.  One can find everything in Chiang Mai though that they would expect to find in a major destination.  As Thailand’s second most major city, Chiang Mai can offer a range of activities and home comforts, whilst still retaining a pleasant feel of a provincial town.

With a large expat community, it is clear to see that Chiang Mai is a popular city with foreigners as well as locals.  The demographic of the expat community is varied, showing that people from all walks of life and all ages are seeing the attractiveness of Chiang Mai.

Another big reason for Chiang Mai’s popularity is the stunning scenery right on its doorstep.  This natural playground provides many ways to pass the time, from gentle country walks to vigorous treks, bird-watching, gentle river rides and swimming in beautiful waterfalls to the adventurous activities of canopy walking, bamboo rafting and rock climbing.

Chiang Mai’s zoo provides a pleasant distraction, as does a trip to the elephant camp.

Chiang Mai is home to some of Thailand’s best cookery schools, as well as luxurious spas, massage parlours, boxing stadiums, and language centres for those wanting to brush up on their Thai language skills.

Culturally, Chiang Mai is home to many fascinating temples and interesting museums, as well as the remains of the old city wall from times gone by.  As a former capital city, Chiang Mai has many interesting places to visit.

As well as local shops and the ever present 7-11 chain stores, there are also regular supermarkets and large shopping malls.

There is a superb choice of housing options, both in the city centre and across the province.  The perfect dream home is at hand waiting for those wishing to embark on a new life in lively Chiang Mai.  With living costs lower in Northern Thailand than other areas, property can be obtained at a relatively inexpensive price.

Work is available for expats in Chiang Mai, as are voluntary opportunities.  So whether one wants to enjoy a life of leisure in Chiang Mai, give something back to their new local community or wants full time work, there are various options open to all.


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