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LAUNDRY in Chiang Mai

LAUNDRY in Chiang Mai


Although a fitted washing machine is far from mainstream in Thailand, alternative laundering facilities exist in abundance throughout Chiang Mai and are particularly inexpensive. Serviced wash shops usually charge by weight with ironing, a hot wash or same day provision incurring additional charges. The rate for washing and drying with next working day return ranges from 25 to 50 baht per kilogram; ironing generally costs an extra 10 or 20 baht per kilogram while the price for an express service (a 2 to 3 hour turnaround being the norm) can be as much as double that of the standard next day service.

Self-service coin-operated washing machines, on the other hand, come in a broad array of capacities from 5 kg to a cavernous 16 kg. Those with the standard 8 kg drum vary in price from 10 to 30 baht, machines with a 10 kg drum cost from 15 to 40 baht and those accommodating 12 or 16 kg of laundry are charged between 20 to 50 baht. While some of the city’s self-service laundry facilities do additionally provide a number of coin-operated, front- or top-loading tumble drying machines, they’re not especially cheap costing 10 baht for 10 or 15 minutes usage.

Individual 30/35ml sachets of liquid laundry detergent cost a mere 5 baht at any 7-Eleven, for example; for 10 baht at the renowned convenience store, a 90 to 120g bag of washing powder can be obtained while twice the price will buy you a 225/230g pack of the same. Standard sized 800/900g bags of washing powder vary from 39 to 115 baht with the corresponding volume and brand of liquid detergent 35 to 40% more expensive on. For those seeking the very biggest bang for their baht, mind, 8/9kg bags as well as 8 to 10kg tubs of washing powder can be yours for between 279 and 440 baht. The most commonly available liquid fabric softeners in standard sized 600/700ml refill pouches either sold separately (starting from 10 baht up to 79 baht) or, for slightly improved value, in packs of two or three (costing from 32 to 136 baht).

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