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If you’re interested in reading an authoritative and expert selection of articles that cover all aspects of the property market in Chiang Mai, this is the place to be!

You can take an in-depth look at commercial real estate matters, get the lowdown on running a guest house or hotel, consider different parts of Chiang Mai for your property search, see the highs and lows of the last property season, get useful tips about shop houses, read all about condos … and more!

If you wanted to know more about asset management or the role of a real estate agent, look no further! Understand more about asking prices for properties and use this information wisely to make a more informed decision to accurately appraise your own property’s value. Perhaps you are struggling to sell your home and want some clues as to why?

With an honest and frank look at all things property related, this section can help to answer many of your questions and clear the haze when it comes to dealing with homes and commercial property ventures.