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Continued influx of investors

Parts of July and most of August are traditionally “low season” as far as the real estate market in Chiang Mai is concerned, usually with fewer purchasers and tenants around.   Yet this year has been quite different, and the volume of enquiries hasn’t really dropped; the number of people looking around, if anything, has…

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Owners who increase the price above what was just offered/agreed!

Owners who increase the price above what was just offered/agreed! You listed the property in question some months back, possibly against your better judgement—but the vendor had been introduced by a friend of a friend. Asking price definitely on the high side, property okay but not great…and, as you suspected, no serious enquiries forthcoming for…

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Condo/Moobaan Management standards in Chiang Mai

Condo/Moobaan Management standards in Chiang Mai As with many other Thai cities (including Bangkok, although, to be fair, to a lesser extent than previously) standards of property management and maintenance in Chiang Mai are pretty poor. I well understand that developers are keen to build and reap profits, and then leave the ongoing management to…

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Why pay real estate agents’ fees?

Why pay real estate agents’ fees? For some reason, real estate agents generally don’t have the best of reputations—perhaps not quite as bad as lawyers, but not great either! Of course, there are more good agents than bad ones but, often, the issue for a property vendor is centred on agent’s fees. Comments such as:…

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Where did that asking price come from?

I guess that, being in the emotionally charged real estate business, we should never be too surprised at the way some people seem to lose their common sense or, more to the point, become greedy when tempted by the thoughts of relatively easy money. We see homes on the market at double the market value;…

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Niche markets : Chiang Mai

Niche markets You can usually tell when an oversupply in, say, new condos is looming: by necessity, marketing of projects gets more creative.   Some smarter developers look for unusual angles—maybe offer their properties with a little bit extra décor or more outlandish colour schemes or project names that get more attention. You get special…

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Why can’t I sell my dream home in Chiang Mai?

Why can’t I sell my dream home in Chiang Mai?   Must be the Agent’s fault right? After all who else can be to blame?   Yet Real Estate Agents are just that: Agents. We don’t make the market, that’s the people who agree to buy or sell or lease. We simply interpret market conditions…

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