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Emotional times in Chiang Mai Real Estate

The role of a real estate agent gives a fascinating insight into human behaviour. And, sadly, more often than not, into the worst aspects. Of course, any person working in a position that is heavily customer focussed has to expect that it’s impossible to keep all customers happy all of the time. But there is…

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Does size really matter?

Does size really matter? With seemingly ever increasing land and constructions costs and most developers fixated on maintaining profit margins, is it the consumer who is likely to suffer on the long term?   There are two key variables in the development process which developers look very hard at when costs rise and sales of…

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Asset Management… what’s that?

Asset Management… what’s that? All through my long career in various property sectors, I’ve always paid close attention to asset management and enhancing the value of property assets.   However, over the months whilst dealing with, particularly, commercial type assets, I’ve repeatedly been surprised, and more recently regularly perplexed, at what passes for asset management…

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New entrants to the Chiang Mai Hotel market

New entrants to the Chiang Mai Hotel market As tourism in Chiang Mai continues to reach new heights in terms of the numbers of visitor arrivals, many investors are scrambling to create/acquire or develop new hotels. With the various limitations on height and density of new hotel developments in the city, not to mention the…

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Real Estate Agents: we don’t make the market!

Real Estate Agents: we don’t make the market! If I had one Baht for every time that owners and vendors confuse the role of a real estate agent, I’d be well retired by now. A typical conversation goes something like this— Owner: “I want to sell at Baht 15M.” Honest agent: “Sorry, sir/madam, the best…

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Modern Condos: will they stand the test of time?

Modern Condos: will they stand the test of time? Is it just me or are new condos in Chiang Mai forever getting smaller and smaller? In the headlong rush to keep total prices down, whilst the amounts charged per m2 for completed units is on the up, over the last 2-3 years, most developers have…

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Best condos to live in Chiang Mai?

Best condos to live in in Chiang Mai? Following on from my last post, this set us talking internally about the best condos to live in in Chiang Mai. Whilst, of course, where you live is very personal, there are broadly speaking two quite distinct types of clients we see: those who want  modernity, up-to-date…

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Shop-houses in Chiang Mai

The evolution of the humble shop-house is very interesting to observe. Originally conceived as a place to work (ground floor) and a place to live (upper floors), in reality the designs haven’t changed much over the years, nor have the basic construction methods of costs and shop-houses remain one of the cheapest of all types…

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Continued influx of investors

Parts of July and most of August are traditionally “low season” as far as the real estate market in Chiang Mai is concerned, usually with fewer purchasers and tenants around.   Yet this year has been quite different, and the volume of enquiries hasn’t really dropped; the number of people looking around, if anything, has…

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