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Opportunity Costs – In the Realestate Market

Opportunity Costs To anyone who has ever studied basic economics, the concept of opportunity costs is a fairly fundamental principle. In short, these are the benefits you forgo if you don’t use your capital (investment monies) wisely and to its best advantage. Perhaps some examples can best demonstrate these costs in a real estate context:…

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Good alternative market? Singaporean money steadily flowing into Chiang Mai….

Good alternative market? Singaporean money steadily flowing into Chiang Mai…. With the Singapore property market in disarray and local equities slumping in line with regional and world stocks, where does smart investment money head for? Well, for the last 2 or 3 years, a variety of companies and individual investors from Singapore have been looking…

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10 things you should NOT say to a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents are in the business of selling or leasing houses or condos. Just like you, if you are a business person, they run their businesses to make money to live on and provide for their staff, operating expenses and families. They should not be confused with charities! When you wish to engage a…

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Property Markets in Chiang Mai Two or Three-Tier ?

Two or three-tier market property markets in Chiang Mai The Chiang Mai property market is becoming more and more interesting almost by the week. Activity in condo sales remains very high—albeit that most of the transactions we are seeing involve second hand, older condos primarily within the confines of the super-highway. In fact, the rate…

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“Takeover fee” or “Key money”: do you really understand the implications?

In Chiang Mai / Thailand (as in other countries) the ownership of many commercial premises such as restaurants, bars or guesthouses/hotels (Building Owner: “Landlord” or “Lessor”) is separate from the business operating therein (Business Owner: “Tenant” or “Lessee”). The Tenant leases the property (or land) from the Landlord on a contractual Term (maybe 2-3 or…

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Commercial property on the up in Chiang Mai!

Typically, most enquiries we receive for commercial properties are primarily for guest houses and hotels. However, of late there has been a significant uplift in clients asking about space for yoga studios, restaurants, offices for start-up businesses, warehouses and logistics centres and so on. Over the last six months or so, there seems to have…

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Guest Houses: a dream for many

Hospitality is the lifeblood of many people in Thailand. Hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guest houses abound wherever you look with, probably, guest houses being the perennial favourite. In fact, we are constantly amazed at the number of enquiries we get from foreigners looking to lease and run a guest house in Chiang Mai. For…

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