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5 top reasons Hong Kong investors like Chiang Mai and its real estate market

Hong Kong investors have always looked overseas for property investments. Favoured destinations in the past have included London, Vancouver, Toronto or Sydney plus various US cities. Often Hong Kong people have purchased second homes or maybe an apartment for their University-aged children to live, or simply as just investments for the future. Yet, over the…

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Chiang Mai to recover after Covid!?

Chiang Mai likely to remain a favoured residential and tourism destination after coronavirus scare recedes As we all know, the impact of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting our daily lives in unprecedented ways. Accordingly, it may still be a little too early to ascertain the full impact of the virus on the Chiang Mai…

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5 top tips to sell your house or condo in Chiang Mai

5 top tips to sell your house or condo in Chiang Mai       Before we give you our top 5 tips on how to sell your home in Chiang Mai, we’d ask that you kindly remind yourself about just what “market value” means. “Market value” is the price a willing vendor is prepared to sell…

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Dream homes… dream prices!

Who doesn’t want to build and live in their dream home? So, spend some time looking around Chiang Mai and the outer areas such as Mae Rim or Pa Daet, find an ideal site and commission an architect to design, then engage a contractor to build, your piece of heaven; your own castle, your own…

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Is the vendor always right?

The “market value” of anything, whether it be real estate or any commodity, is the price a willing vendor is prepared to sell at, and the amount a willing purchaser is prepared to pay. There are other key assumptions to be made but, broadly speaking, this is the gist of the definition of market value….

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Chiang Mai Weather & Climate a city for all seasons

Chiang Mai Weather & Climate a city for all seasons Volumes could be written on Chiang Mai’s multitude of virtues but as a holiday destination and especially as an adopted home, the milder climate of Northern Thailand is a major draw. Unlike so many other places in the Tropics which suffer from stifling hot and…

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Airbnb in Chiang Mai! The hospitality giant under the microscope in Thailand’s second city

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last nine years, you’ll no doubt have heard of Airbnb – the mother of all hospitality startups who’ve taken the world by storm with their web-based marketplace which connects those who need somewhere to lay their head for a night or longer with a global network…

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Top 5 things to consider if you want to buy a house (not a condo!) in Thailand

Many of our clients wish to follow their dream and buy a beautiful house in Chiang Mai or any where in Thailand for that matter, for retirement or to live-in full or part time whilst they continue to work overseas. We’re always happy to help but, if you are such a client, recommend that you…

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TM30 Explained! You Must Register Any Non Thai National Living In Your Property!

Are You Living In or Renting a Private Property in Thailand to Foreigners? Or simply have a someone staying in your property that is not a Thai national? If so, you need to be aware of a law that has existed in Thailand for quite a while and applies to everyone who provides accommodations to…

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