Estimating the Cost of Immigrating to Chiang Mai

Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai

There are an increasing variety of options when it comes to staying in Thailand for more than a holiday, and the costs involved will be dictated to by your choice of visa. Before diving in, it goes with out saying that you should be checking with your home country’s agreements and Thailand’s requirements for a visit or stay. The most popular options can be found on the Thai e-visa website.These are some of the common costs that crop upf or some of the more commonly used visa

Temporary Stay In Thailand

Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai

If you are here for a long holiday, visiting friends or family, or only needing to stay for a short period, there may be no immigration costs at all to enter Thailand. Most passports will allow a visa-exempt period of either 15, 30, or 90 days on arrival (the latter is only available for a handful of lucky nationalities). There have also been – and may well be again – 45-day exemptions offered.

Most nationalities can also apply for a 60-day tourist visa (TR) ahead of their visit. The exact cost will depend on where you are applying for it from – or rather the exchange rate of the currency for the country you apply in – but is currently 1,000 baht.

Thailand also currently offers a multiple entry tourist visa (METV) allowing as many entries into the country as you like in a 6-month period. Each entry can last for up to 60 days, which can be extended to 90 days. The current cost for the METV is 5,000 baht, and has slightly stricter stringent requirements than the TR visa.

Renting real estate to foreigners One of the steps that must be taken is to notify tm30 online, which if not done will be a legal offense. Therefore, it is the duty of the home owner. Property owners must understand the law. Including notification channels and procedures.

Extending Your Temporary Stay In Chiang Mai

Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai

If you have entered Thailand using one of the above, then you will be entitled to apply for a one-time extension of your stay. For most countries this can be for 30 days, though can be as short as 7 days so check with your home country’s agreement with Thailand.

The current cost of a 30-day extension is 1,900 baht, plus the cost of a couple of photocopies and a passport-style photograph. Extending whilst in Chiang Mai can be done at the immigration office near the airport, or the one in Central Festival shopping mall.

At the end of this extension period, you will be required to leave the country unless you have secured one of the alternative visas.

Staying For Longer In Chiang Mai

There are several visa options worth exploring if your intention is to stay for longer than the Tourist Visas offer. Here is a brief overview of the most common ones:

Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai

Non-Immigrant ED Visa – Application for this visa – commonly referred to as the Education Visa – is usually initiated through a school (language, muay thai, or – currently exclusively in Chiang Mai – self-defense). Cost can vary, but starts at around 37,000 baht for a year, plus a 1,900-baht renewal fee every 90 days at immigration. If you apply whilst in Thailand, there will also be a visa conversion fee to pay.

Non-Immigrant O-A Visa – Usually referred to as the Retirement Visa, applicants must be over the age of 50. There are various requirements to meet to be accepted – some of which are financial – but this visa is valid for one year. At the end of the year, you can apply for a one-year extension. A single-entry version of the visa costs 2,000 baht, with a multiple-entry version costing 5,000 baht. You will be required to report to immigration every 90 days.

Non-Immigrant B Visa – Known as the Business Visa, this requires confirmation from the organization you will be doing business with, or employed by, in Thailand. There is a 90-day and one year version and can lead to eligibility to apply for a work permit.

Thailand Privilege Card – More commonly known as the Elite Visa, it got a revamp – and price increase – in 2023. There are four options depending on the length of validity, starting from 900,000 baht for 5 year coverage.

Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai

If you leave Thailand on any of the single-entry visa options – including tourist visas – then you can apply for a re-entry permit before exiting. This can be done at the immigration office, or there is a desk at most airports in Thailand just before passport control. Single re-entry costs 1,000 baht, though a multi-entry – valid for a year – is available for 3,800 baht.

There is a long list of visa types for staying in Thailand, some of which have different requirements and restrictions depending on the passport you hold. Check with your nearest Thai consulate for information specific to you.

Let us know in the comments below if you have had success with your visa, which one you chose to use to come to Chiang Mai and your experience with it.

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Chiang Mai Immigration office is here!

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5 thoughts on “Immigration Costs For Chiang Mai”

  • james

    i returned to thailand recently got a non immigration visa for 90 days and able to extend to one year retirement visa . I did it in BKK I called agencies in CM said I can complete before 90 days get 1 year extension

    I want to know if i can do adrees report 90 day online?

  • Richard

    This is good information, but I wonder where you got the information for a regular retirement visa, which is a one-year visa and does not have a 90-day limit as implied in your article. The retirement visa can be obtained in Thailand with provision of financial documents attesting to a combined savings/income of 800,000 baht per year. There is a similar long-stay visa which can be obtained outside of Thailand, good for an initial one-year and extendable for another year.

  • Joel Lupro

    I got my retirement visa without opening a Thai Bank Account with 800,000 Baht. Will I be required to open a Bank Account in Thailand within the first 90 days to deposit 800,000 Baht to show immigration I have fulfilled that requirement? I got my visa with no instructions from Los Angeles on how to proceed on entering the country.

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Hi Joel,
      I must admit, I am not sure for this one, I think the funds will need to be for the renewal of the visa. But I would highly recommend checking with one the Chiang Mai Visa companies.

  • Daniel Joyce

    I am arriving in Thailand on Jan 6, 2018, and staying for ALMOST 90 days.
    Do I still only need a R/T airplane ticket for entry? That is all I had when I visited in
    Feb 17.


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