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Sure, there are WiFi hotspots all over Chiang Mai. But, even for digital nomads needing to work online, nothing beats having an internet connection in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Better yet, the half-dozen Internet Service Providers in Chiang Mai (3BB, AISCAT TelecomSinetTOT and True Online) now almost exclusively supply the more speedy and reliable fibre-optic home broadband!

Whether contractless or subject to a minimum term of a half or full year, each of the ISPs offers their own selection of broadband internet packages; costing from 250 to 3999 baht a month (plus 7% VAT on top), maximum download/upload speeds currently range from a slow-going 10/5 Mbps to a fast-moving 1000/500 Mbps!

Just remember that if looking to rent a place in Chiang Mai and home internet’s absolutely vital for you, always check availability before putting your name to a lease agreement. And since installing broadband internet can potentially cause damage to a property, don’t forget to get prior written permission from your landlord!

Now at condos and moo baan [housing developments], you’ll usually come across the latest promotional leaflets for one or more of the internet providers inside the communal lobby; or else, ask at the front/juristic person office. Live in a house outside a gated estate, on the other hand, and you’ll first need to see if there’s broadband coverage in the area; simply visit the ISP’s own web site, phone their call centre, or walk into any of their outlets (the exact locations of which are mapped out on each’s web site).

No matter if you place an order for broadband internet through your front/juristic person office or with the ISP directly, you’ll need the following:


With sign-up and installation fees normally waived, once you’ve filled out the necessary paperwork, you’ll rarely have to wait more than a few working days for a technician to come round to your home and link you up to the internet. Then using either your own in-room wireless network or, quicker and more secure again, by plugging in an Ethernet cable between your computer and the router, you can surf away to your heart’s content!

Please feel free to let us know which internet provider you are using and what speeds you are able to upload or download. Also did you receive good service from the provider or not?

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