How To Pay Bills In Chiang Mai – A Quick Guide!

How to pay bills in Chiang Mai – A quick guide!

Not that it’s anyone’s favourite topic but if you’re in Chiang Mai for the long run, there’s no escaping monthly bills!

Paying the RENT in Chiang Mai

As soon as you sign a lease agreement and as written in The Ten Commandments for Tenants, you have a legal responsibility to pay the rent in the amount and no later than the due date mentioned in the contract. Hence, settling your rent should be at the very top of your monthly to-do list! Delay paying your rent and you risk receiving a late fee or, worse, being evicted.

YH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Each landlord has their own preferred way of accepting monthly rental payments but, in Chiang Mai, it’s most common for rent money to be transferred straight into the landlord’s bank account; whether that involves you visiting the nearest branch of their bank and paying over the counter or, infinitely better, by setting up a standing order. You can even pay at a some ATM Machines outside of the banks. Though remember to send the receipt to the owner to keep everything clean, simple and easily to track,

Whenever paying a household bill over the counter here, the process is consistently the same. After presenting your invoice/bill to a member of staff, they will scan the bar code on your bill then confirm the amount owing; once payment has been made, the original bill will be returned to you stapled to which will be a receipt and, if having paid in cash, any change.

Going direct to the provider won’t incur a surcharge though for the convenience of paying through a third-party, a small handling fee from 5 baht is normally applied.

Paying your UTILITIES 


Whether it’s slid under the front door, lands in the mailbox or dropped into the special bill holder outside your condo unit or house, you’ll have either of 7 or 10 days from the date it’s issued to pay your utility bill. And if you don’t pay up by the due date shown on the invoice, don’t be surprised when your electricity/water gets cut off ! (remember that any reconnection cost are solely your responsibility, and the time that you are without the utilities  is not the owners responsibility)

No matter if you stay in a condominium or a house in Chiang Mai, mains electricity is always billed by the state-owned Provincial Electricity Authority. Looking like a till [store cash register] receipt with the PEA logo and name in the top left-hand corner of the invoice, you can pay what’s owing in person at:

As you can see there are plenty of places to pay your electricity bill, so it is easy to avoid the electricity being cut off due to late payments. Please note that should your electricity be cut off that it is your responsibility and cost to have it reconnected.

For those living in a condo or a moo baan [gated housing development] in Chiang Mai have their mains water usually supplied and thus billed by the property itself. Little more than a printed slip of paper showing the amount due, you simply pay at the front/juristic person office. Otherwise, mains water will be invoiced by the state-owned Provincial Waterworks Authority. Looking like a till [store cash register] receipt with the PWA logo and name in the top left-hand corner of the bill, you can pay what’s owing in person at:

Again pay your on time as any late fees or reconnections fees will be your responsibility

HOME Internet bills


 Arriving by regular post either in your mail box or slid under your door will be your monthly statements from whichever of 3BB, AIS, CAT Telecom, Sinet, TOT or True Online Internet Service Provider you have chosen. Other than paying your broadband bill through the ISP’s own web site or by walking into any of their outlets (the precise locations of which are mapped out on each’s web site), you can also choose to pay by stopping by any 7-Eleven, Thailand Post office, or Tesco Lotus, Big C or Tops supermarket.

UBC or Other TV Channel Providers

Again these bills will arrive the same as internet and can be paid Arriving by regular post either in your mail box or slid under your door will be your monthly statements and you can pay directly to the provide where you signed up for the TV Package or again you can also choose to pay by stopping by any 7-Eleven, Thailand Post office, or Tesco Lotus, Big C or Tops supermarkets.

The bottom line paying bills has never been easier! 

Please let us know how you pay your bills. Have you had any issues?  Please let us and our readers know your tips and tricks to avoid being cut off!

FAQ about Pay Bills

Once you sign a lease agreement, it’s your legal responsibility to pay the rent by the due date mentioned in the contract. Most landlords prefer rent payments to be transferred directly to their bank account. This can be done at their bank’s branch or through a standing order. Remember to send the receipt to the owner for proper documentation.
When paying bills in person, present your invoice to a staff member. They’ll scan the barcode, confirm the amount, and once you make the payment, you’ll receive the original bill stapled to a receipt. For the convenience of third-party payments, a small handling fee might be applied.
You typically have 7 to 10 days to pay utility bills from the issuance date. Failing to pay on time could result in electricity or water being cut off. Bills for mains electricity are usually paid at PEA Shops, 7-Eleven, Thai Post, or supermarkets. For water, you can pay at the property’s office or designated payment counters.
You’ll receive monthly statements from your chosen Internet Service Provider like 3BB, AIS, CAT Telecom, Sinet, TOT, or True Online. Payment can be made through their website, outlets, 7-Eleven, Thai Post, or supermarkets.
Bills from TV channel providers can be paid similarly to internet bills. You’ll receive monthly statements and can pay directly to the provider or at convenience stores, Thai Post, or supermarkets.
Late payments can lead to late fees, disconnection of services, or even eviction. It’s essential to pay your bills on time to avoid any disruptions.
To ensure a smooth bill payment process, consider setting up automatic payments, paying through designated outlets, and keeping track of due dates. Planning ahead can help you avoid any unnecessary complications.
Chiang Mai offers various convenient options for bill payment, including online services, payment counters, and third-party outlets like 7-Eleven and supermarkets.
 Disclaimer: These FAQs are meant to serve merely as guidance and Perfect Homes cannot be held responsible for any inacuracies.


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