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How to ensure a smooth check out

As per your rental contract, you’ve just given one month’s notice to your landlord. So that the check out goes without any problems and you receive your security deposit back as quickly as possible, follow our step-by-step instructions:

Actions to take NOW

  • If you haven’t already, pay your final month’s rent
  • Schedule a date and time for check out with the owner (or their representative)

Actions to take BEFORE CHECK OUT

Using the check-in inventory as a guide and allowing for fair wear and tear, return the property to the same condition and layout as when you took it:

  • Put all of the owner’s things back in their original place
  • Repair or replace any of their items which you’ve broken or damaged (including swapping out any light bulbs that aren’t working)
  • Unless you have to pay a compulsory cleaning fee at check out, clean floors, countertops, windows/mirrors, furniture, appliances and any outdoor spaces; plus, launder bedding/household linens and defrost the freezer
  • If it’s your responsibility as tenant, get the air-conditioning serviced
  • Make sure electricity and water bill payments are up-to-date, and keep the receipts to show at check out
  • After the last month’s rent money has cleared your bank account, cancel the standing order along with any direct debits set up for payment of utilities
  • Cancel your broadband internet service
  • Arrange to stop delivery of any post that’s in your own name as well as any regular supplies of bottled gas and drinking water
  • Check the paint work, yes a few marks here and there are acceptable but if the Landlord has to get the painters in then there can easily be delays while they wait for a quote.

If in doubt check well in advance with your landlord

Actions to take AT CHECK OUT

  • Meet your landlord / Property Manager at the property at the time you previously agreed
  • Return all keys/keycards to them and get back any key deposit
  • Let them carry out an inspection of the place
  • Take closing meter readings for electricity and water
  • Work out any final deductions then either collect your security deposit in cash at the time or wait for it to be returned by bank transfer
  • Take all of your personal possessions (including any food from cupboards and fridge/freezer) with you. And don’t leave any rubbish [garbage] behind though anything you feel is too good to throw away, put in a bag or by the front door and Perfect Homes will distribute as we see fit
  • On your way out, pick up any of your own post from the mailbox and, if renting in a condo, hand back any parking permit at the front/juristic person office

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