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Wow! I can buy a property for only 237,000 HK$ ?

After a recent visit to Hong Kong, it became extremely clear why there are some many Hong Kongers looking to Chiang Mai and its property market!

With Hong Kong’s amazing growth in property prices over recent years, it has left many people from Hong Kong and mainland China unable to get on their own property ladder.  Chiang Mai gives them a great opportunity to buy property at an affordable price. Others are simply looking to expand their property portfolio at an affordable rate.  Think about it, in Hong Kong a 40 m2 unit might be valued at around 5,000,000 Hong Kong Dollars, for that same price you could buy 38 fully renovated units in PP Condominium that can generate 9% ROI.

Though many investors will not themselves live in these properties, they can still offer quality rental returns from 4-9% ROI along with steady capital growth.
Also now with a steady flow of two and half hour flights direct from Hong Kong to Chiang Mai’s International Airport, many people are also using Chiang Mai as a vacation spot to get away from the fast paced lifestyle that most Hong Kongers are used to.
Chiang Mai’s foreign ownership for condos is extremely straight forward and currently no limit to the number of condos that you can own. Now there is also the new Investment Visas for the those looking to stay long term; houses are not so simple but can be a good option for some people.
Also what amazes many of the investors that Perfect Homes works with, whatever their nationality is the simplicity we offer for taking care of their properties.  Perfect Homes and its management team handles every aspect of the property’s management; all clients have to do is check their accounts at the end of the month, the rest is taken care of for them!

What could be better than a passive income?

If you would like to know more about investing in Chiang Mai, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer any of your questions.

Here are a few ideas for properties in Chiang Mai for the investor looking for returns.

PP Condominium
For Example this unit that comes with a sitting tenant and offers 8% ROI for a price that you can not even buy a small car for in Hong Kong! Yes, for only 140,000 HK$.

JC Hill Condominium

What about this quality unit that has never been lived in? It is an easy rental that Perfect Homes would love to have in its rental listing. With a rental return of over 7% Roi and with a price tag of only 237,000 HK$. Not a bad investment.

Not every one is looking for the best rental retuns, some people are just looking for a quality place to live.

What ever your needs or requirements do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Perfect Homes and let us take the stress out of owning property in Thailand.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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