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Guest Houses: a dream for many

Dreaming of owning a guest house

Dreaming of owning a guest house

Hospitality is the lifeblood of many people in Thailand.

Hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and guest houses abound wherever you look with, probably, guest houses being the perennial favourite.

In fact, we are constantly amazed at the number of enquiries we get from foreigners looking to lease and run a guest house in Chiang Mai.

For many it seems to be a dream job; an ideal way to spend semi-retirement or retirement. Do a bit of marketing, get a few guests, run a small restaurant or bar within the premises and generally enjoy life.

Many do, but there are those with little practical experience who find this a challenge; who might find that the rigours of being on call almost 24/7 gets a bit too much. Or maybe they find that the “key money” that have paid to take over the property or business means that they can’t get a good enough return on their investment; or those who find that the “special” rent the landlord has given is not so special after all and most of their revenues is eaten up by the said rental payments.

Accordingly, prudence suggests that anyone taking on the operation of a guest house thinks carefully and does some quality homework before committing.

We’re here to help if you need it…

What do you think?  Is it an easy life running a guest house or a mistake waiting to happen? Let us know.

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