Want to run your own Guest House or hotel in Chiang Mai?


Want to run your own Guest House or hotel?

We are always surprised at the number of enquiries we get, from all sorts of people, looking to run their own guest house or small resort as sort of a “retirement project”. All well and good, all very admirable—yet so many of such people have never tried their hand at managing any form of hospitality asset and, in many cases, this can be a disaster waiting to happen.

People forget, or perhaps don’t realise from the outset, that running any form of guest house or hotel is a 24/7 undertaking: keeping up the standards, the marketing; ensuring forward bookings are on track; making sure guests are happy; the coffee is not too hot or too cold; the receptionist  smiles the right way (there’s no pleasing some guests!).

So, if you are about to become the Manager of your dream establishment or “king of your castle”, please make sure you do know what you are letting yourself in for—especially if your are contemplating having a reasonably quiet life!

Do you have any such experiences relating to the above? Do you know people who’ve taken this retirement route? Did they succeed… or fail?

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One thought on “Want to run your own Guest House or hotel in Chiang Mai?”

  • Paul Cullen

    I would like to see if you have any guest house or hoels to rent.
    I have been in the hospitality industry as a GM for 20 years.
    Thank you
    Paul Cullen


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