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Check out Perfect Homes’ listings for basic houses in Chiang Mai for 10,000 Baht or less per month. We do our best to ensure all our property listings are up to date and the best value around. Please feel free to browse the listings below. You can filter by price and latest listings. Also, please feel free to search for the right property via the Chiang Mai map above.  Remember sometimes you could feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of properties available to you. Do not worry, just scroll down to the bottom and fill out our fast contact form and let us know more about the home you are looking for and as many of your rental requirements as possible and we will get straight back to you with a selection of properties.

Perfect Homes always tries its best to make the moving process as simple as possible for you, here is our Frequently asked questions article about renting a house in Chiang Mai.

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