Why we will not hand out the exact location of a property

Why we will not hand out the exact location of a property

A very common question we get asked is for the exact address or the Google location of a property in Chiang Mai.

We do apologise, but we are unable to hand out this information for several reasons.

    1. The first and foremost reason is simply down to security. Many of the properties are left unoccupied but are still fully furnished and equipped. Some Chiang Mai properties for sale or rent can be adorned with expensive electronic equipment and furniture, which features in many of our property pictures.
    2. Again with security in mind, some properties are lived in by a single owner, often a female occupant. They certainly do not want people knocking on their door at all times of the day without notice and without the agent to accompany the buyers/renters for added security. Hopefully, the agents have done their job of screening clients to avoid wasting the owner’s time.
    3. Sorry, but let’s be honest here. Some people think they will get a better deal if they cut the agent out of the deal altogether, with that in mind they like to approach the owner directly.
    4. Let’s face facts. Agents add an additional level of security for both the owner and the prospective tenant/buyer. This is one of the reasons the owner takes on an agent. Also, they do not want people knocking on their doors directly and having to deal with all the headaches of sales/rental contracts. Let alone the often-difficult task of negotiating with the tenant/buyer direct; this is why they go to reputable agencies in the first place
    5. Please understand real estate agencies spend hundreds of man-hours finding properties and building relationships with owners. Let alone the huge overheads of running a company. It is not fair to expect them to hand out their hard earned information for free.
    6. Again, it is a known practice that freelance agents and competitor real estate agencies will try and gather as much information on a property, which they think may suit one of their clients. To do this, they might email or call, only to pretend they are a prospective client looking for a property and ask for the address or Google location of a property in Chiang Mai. Again, this is not fair to the owner of the property or the real estate agent that has spent their time and effort working with the owner

So, what will we offer? Well, to begin with we will offer a location within a kilometre or so of the property. This will be close enough for you to get a good idea of the property’s neighbourhood, but it should not be close enough for us to compromise security or the owner.
Why we will not hand out the exact location of a property

We are also more than happy to arrange a viewing of the property when you will get the exact location, and we will help answer as many questions as possible then about the area.

We do understand that the location will not always be ideal for you. And, yes, it would have been easier if we had sent you the exact location first. But hey, we have rented/sold many homes where people had formerly thought the position would not suit, only to find that once viewed, it turned out to be the perfect location for them. So, sometimes it is worth taking a look with the agent, just in case!

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4 thoughts on “Why we will not hand out the exact location of a property”

  • Eric Pardoen

    Makes perfect sense to me.
    Also, your website is one of the best real estate websites you can find. It’s fast, easy to navigate, large photos that load without delay and the information is clear. Keep it up 🙂

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Hi Eric,
      Thank you for your understanding in this situation.
      We also appreciate your positive comments on the Perfect Homes’ site, we are constantly striving to be the most up to date and informative website for real estate in Chiang Mai.

  • Farouk

    I honestly thought about the reason for not giving the address of a house that’s unoccupied before I read this. What I read made a lot of sense. I was only interested in the name of the village in which the house is located and not the address.

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      Dear Farouk,
      Thank you for your comments, again we do apologize that we often cannot even hand out the name of the gated community. but this information is often enough to track down specific unoccupied properties.


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