Emotional times in Chiang Mai Real Estate


Emotional times in Chiang Mai Real EstateThe role of a real estate agent gives a fascinating insight into human behaviour. And, sadly, more often than not, into the worst aspects.

Of course, any person working in a position that is heavily customer focussed has to expect that it’s impossible to keep all customers happy all of the time. But there is something about buying or selling real estate that absolutely brings out the worst in people.

For example, of late we’ve had clients refuse to pay an extra Baht 3,000 on a Baht 5 million transaction; clients who taken away a refrigerator and other small kitchen items worth a few thousand Baht on a Baht 10M deal after it was agreed they’d be left (thereby putting the deal in jeopardy); and, perhaps the most startling of all, after we had saved a client well over Baht 100,000 on fees at the Land Office by spotting a miscalculation, they subsequently wanted to deduct almost Baht 6,000 from our already agreed fees for a minor reason absolutely nothing to do with us… and, no matter what—yes, you’ve guessed, it’s always the agent’s fault!

Phew, with clients like this around, no wonder stress levels are high.

Still, happily, these sort of incidents are the exception rather than the rule (although they do seem to come in flurries) and, by and large, we have happy, contented customers. Our high repeat and referral rates are testament to this! Our staff are highly thought of and we get far more bouquets and compliments than complaints.

It would be nice though if some people could leave their emotions a home when dealing with real estate matters…

What do you think? Do you know someone who is emotional and petty when it come to property matters?

Please feel read to read more thoughts and feelings from Keith in his blog.

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