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Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email As well as paying rent, those living in leased accommodation will almost always be required to fork out separately on utilities likewise on a monthly basis but instead settled in arrears. In Chiang Mai, mains power is supplied by…

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Unless treated by means of an in-home water purification system, the municipal water that supplies Chiang Mai is best considered not safe to consume direct from the tap (faucet) and should therefore be sourced from elsewhere. For those on the very tightest of budgets, the omnipresent self-service coin-operated water-vending machines are easily the most cost-effective…

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For those partial to the odd tipple, by far the most prevalent of all intoxicating beverages in Chiang Mai are the assorted beers. With a greater than 90% share of the market, sales of the leading domestic brands Chang, Leo and, the country’s oldest lager and “official purveyor to the Royal Court of Thailand”, Singha…

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An everyday expense it may not be but a valid and relevant entry permit which legally sanctions a foreigner either a ‘Temporary Stay’ or a ‘Long Stay’ in Thailand is arguably the most fundamental overhead that needs to be factored into any cost of living calculations. Officially, in order to be admitted into the country,…

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INTERNET – Chiang Mai

Obtaining a Thai pre-paid SIM card will enable the subscriber to use the respective carrier’s 3G or, substantially faster, 4G/LTE mobile data networks and, in areas of coverage, allow the internet to be accessed on a smartphone or other SIM-enabled device. Each of AIS, dtac and TrueMove H offer daily, weekly and monthly data plans…

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While it’s perfectly possible to use a foreign SIM card in Thailand, doing so will usually invite crippling international roaming charges. Infinitely more economical an option is to acquire a Thai SIM card after arriving in the country. The big three Thai mobile operators AIS, dtac and TrueMove H (in order of market share) collectively…

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WORK SPACES in Chiang Mai

With ambitions to develop into a true co-working space, the superbly appointed, spotlessly kept, ultra-modern and state-owned Thailand Creative and Design Centre Resource Centre provides a free one day trial with a ‘Tourist Pass’ (offering the same benefits as their ‘Premium’ membership) valid for 10 consecutive days for 200 baht; obtained in succession, 30 days…

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LAUNDRY in Chiang Mai

Laundry Although a fitted washing machine is far from mainstream in Thailand, alternative laundering facilities exist in abundance throughout Chiang Mai and are particularly inexpensive. Serviced wash shops usually charge by weight with ironing, a hot wash or same day provision incurring additional charges. The rate for washing and drying with next working day return…

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Use a Visa or MasterCard debit, credit or pre-paid foreign currency card issued outside of Thailand at a cash machine of any bank in Chiang Mai and you’ll be slapped –to varying degrees of severity- with an ATM fee. Effective the 16th January 2017, each of the eight major Thai banks (Bangkok Bank, Government Savings…

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Transportation in Chiang Mai

While Chiang Mai can’t lay claim to large-scale mass transit systems (such as the MRT or the BTS in Bangkok), plenty of alternative options exist for getting around the city and beyond. Representing Thailand’s most iconic mode of conveyance and comfortably accommodating up to three passengers, tuk tuk are nowadays among the most expensive form…

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