Continued influx of investors


Parts of July and most of August are traditionally “low season” as far as the real estate market in Chiang Mai is concerned, usually with fewer purchasers and tenants around.


Yet this year has been quite different, and the volume of enquiries hasn’t really dropped; the number of people looking around, if anything, has increased from last year, and we seem to be seeing a resurgence in foreign investors looking at Chiang Mai.


We’ve been receiving the usual sort of level of enquiries from the US and UK, but there are noticeably more from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Then there are enquiries from, for example, Norway, Germany, Australia, plus from foreigners resident in other parts of Thailand such as Khon Kaen, Hua Hin, Phuket and so on.


ZLast but not least, it now seems that many Chinese purchasers, having looked around for a few months, are finally beginning to acquire some choice property.

It’ll be more interesting than usual to see what high season brings!


What do you think, is Chiang Mai becoming more and more attractive to foreigners now that we have all those new shopping centres and new hospitals almost ready?


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