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Hillside 4 Condominium – a titan among Chiang Mai condos

Together with its slightly more mature in years sibling, Hillside 3, and likewise owned by noted local real estate and land development company, V Group, Hillside 4 is constructed on a scale that, even today, dwarfs most other condominiums. With a complement of approximately 700 residential and commercial units within the single building, the condo…

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Doi Ping Mansion neighbourly spirited old-time condominium

CONDO DEVELOPMENT by one of the Kingdom’s most famous architects! Then among the largest and most impressive buildings in Northern Thailand’s first city (hence its stately handle!), the stoutly and durably constructed dozen-floored Doi Ping Mansion was devised by none other than Bangkok’s Dan Wongprasat back in ’94 during the height of Chiang Mai’s golden…

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Punna Residence @ Nimman condominium – community living in a coveted neighbourhood

Punna Chiang Mai, Meaning town or community in the Northern Thai [Lanna] regional dialect, the word ‘Punna‘ embodies the core design philosophy of its namesake property developer. For almost a decade, the Punna Group has accomplished a solid reputation for constructing and provisioning residential real estate in Chiang Mai to consistently high standards while promising…

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The Embassy House Condominium dignified living at statuesque riverside residence

Second chance CONDO DEVELOPMENT from Chiang Mai’s real estate golden years!   After the original developer went belly up allegedly from contractors on the take, The Embassy House project caught a break and, with its blended architecture of quintessentially Lanna style and -what was then- the modernest design, finally opened for business getting on for a couple…

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Galare Thong Tower come of age condominium with community focus

Unique DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Originally called Mengrai Tower in honour of the first monarch of the Lanna Kingdom and founding father of Northern Thailand’s ‘New City’ [Chiang Mai] in 1296, the condominium’s name was later changed to Galae Thong after the ornate V-shaped finials (kalae) that embellish the apices of the multi-roofed high-rise. Now in…

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Casa Condo Chang Phueak ‘superb living’ at Northern Thai-style urban address

Casa Condo DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT by a major league real estate outfit! Ever since forming three and a half decades back, the Bangkok-HQ’ed and Thai Stock Exchange-listed Quality Houses has banged out masses of residential property projects up and down the Land of Smiles. Now some half-dozen years young and joined more recently by Casa Condo @ Suandok…

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Mobius Condominium beautifully small loft style residence with stand-outs

Intrigued to find out who’s behind the DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT of Mobius Condo? Swelling the local property development ranks a dozen years back and fashioner of their earlier Boat Condo in the Chiang Mai Business Park, Mobius Real Estate neatly straplined their latest and namesake condominium project ‘Small is Beautiful’! Resident-ready from March just gone,…

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The Next Condominiums money’s-worth low-rise living in Chiang Mai suburbia

Let’s get this residential show on the road with The Next condos’ DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT! In just 13 short years, the Ornsirin family affair has gone from turnin’ out furniture to crafting one of Chiang Mai’s fanciest and award-winning habitats, The Astra! Now among the leading local real estate players with detached housing developments, townhomes and commercial…

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Diamant Condominium ‘everyday resort living’ at residential sparkler

Diamant Condominium offers International Standard DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT by real estate first-timer in the North! After putting together several dozen moo baan and townhome properties throughout metro Bangkok, the ISO 9001-certified NC Housing marked their 20th anniversary in March 2014 by setting in motion their first ever upcountry project, Diamant Condominium. Slated to feature a trio of condominium buildings…

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