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Glory Boutique Suites the condo defining ‘a new dimension of luxury’

DEVELOPMENT of a soon-to-be prestigious address! Formed during 2017, the joint Thai-Chinese operation of CN Sure now own no fewer than four separate plots of land throughout Chiang Mai. And upon one, the local residential  developer’s going all avant-garde with its kick-off condominium, Glory Boutique Suites. With building started in December 2018, the property’s been designed expressly…

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ESCENT PARK VILLE Chiang Mai coming colonial-vibed condo from ruling retail developer

A luxury lifestyle DEVELOPMENT already in the making! After garnering scores of awards for its 32 (and counting) Central branded malls throughout the Kingdom, Central Pattana set up the subordinate company of CPN Residence to break into the country’s housing  market; more precisely and rather astutely, to put up condominiums within immediate reach of their…

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Hillside 3 condo header image

Hillside 3 Condominium – High-rise living in central Nimman

For the untold Nimman evangelists, having a home base in their most beloved part of Chiang Mai is paramount and, by this token, Hillside 3’s geographic situation is undeniably its greatest asset. Like its equally long-established and charismatic successor, Hillside 4, Hillside 3 condo is a constituent of the V Group real estate portfolio and,…

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Sky Breeze Condominium rehabilitated campus-side residence

Classic DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Back in the early ‘90s, one-time homegrown property developer 103 Intelligence was readying to usher in their fourth condo project in Chiang Mai, 103 Condominium 4. Much to the chagrin of local residents who were up in arms about having the proposed new high-rise on their patch! Yet for all the…

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Touch Hill Place Condominium mountain-shadowed high-rise hideaway

Earlier bar-raising DEVELOPMENT! Although inclined towards vertical living whenever stopping over in Chiang Mai on business, Touch Kutanawat could never find any local condos that measured up to his lofty standards. So as crack constructor and MD of the LPM Builder Company, he snapped up a tad over a handful rai of land at the foot of Doi…

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The Convention Condominium restful living at age-defying high-rise

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT that lives up to the company name! Counting four such projects, the local award-winning Quality Condominium Company has been setting the benchmark for residential greatness in Chiang Mai since 2007. Predating its kindred condominiums of Mountain Front, Mountain View, and The Resort but conveying no less an air of prestige, The Convention Condo (or CoCo for…

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Supanich Condominium – residence in heritage area with transport on tap

Let’s start the ball rolling with Supanich Condo’s DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT! Similarly dated as the 1989-opened Bossotel in front, Supanich Condo is among the longest standing of its kind in Chiang Mai. So although now rather past its prime, the singular construction comprising one five-storey and two eight-floored wings does have its saving graces! Not…

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JC Hill Place Condominium senior residential tower in buzzy local suburb

Want some info on the ARCHITECTURE, ADMINISTRATION & PEOPLES of JC Hill Place? Being another of Chiang Mai’s more elderly residences and belying many of its few hundred condo units which have been totally redeveloped in recent times, JC Hill Place did for the lengthiest while look from the outside like it was near condemnable! Thankfully, the building…

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The Resort condominium award-winning residential hideaway close to nature

    The Resort Condominium befits a name like the Quality Condominium Company, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that the real estate portfolio of this local property concern has consistently showcased among the highest calibre of residential developments anywhere in Chiang Mai. Debuting with The Convention condo followed by Mountain Front condo…

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Floral Chiangmai Condominium towering des res within historic quarter

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Although the first ever condominium project to grace downtown Chiang Mai was completed in 1985, it wasn’t until the economic boom of the early nineties that condo developments really took off here and, as it happens, the very period during which Floral condo officially opened its doors. Constructed to exacting standards at…

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