Condo/Moobaan Management standards in Chiang Mai


Condo/Moobaan Management standards in Chiang Mai

As with many other Thai cities (including Bangkok, although, to be fair, to a lesser extent than previously) standards of property management and maintenance in Chiang Mai are pretty poor.9k=

I well understand that developers are keen to build and reap profits, and then leave the ongoing management to some other so called specialised property management company—which may start with good intentions but, after a while, struggles to collect monthly dues from owners to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance.

The end result? The management standards and maintenance levels in moo baans or condo blocks deteriorates; common areas are unkempt and people essentially give up.

In theory, values of assets drop…

There’s a great opportunity for some of these developers to build a brand around quality management services, but not many seem to want to take this leap….

What do you think?  Is there an easy solution to improve management and maintenance of properties in the city or it too far engrained into the local psyche that things will never change for the better?

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2 thoughts on “Condo/Moobaan Management standards in Chiang Mai”

  • Adrian

    A lot of traps for incoming Westerners who expect that estate agents will take care of both the landlords and the customers who are paying for this service.

    Many would expect plumbing and power to have decent standards, and naturally expect ceiling spaces to be insulated, as most modern tropical countries or bigger cities have.

    Single story homes will be like ovens on any sunny day, as roof ventilation, roof sarking, ceiling insulation is not normal. Just throw more air conditioning around. (and pay for it).

    Estate agents throw the term ‘hot water’ around, but in fact the shower will have warm water, and not to be found elsewhere. Certainly no hot water in the kitchen or hand basin.

    There are many traps, from street dogs to unearthed power outlets.

    Hopefully a thorough check-list will be put together if it does not already exist.

  • Keith

    Yes, we’d like to see standards of Landlord’s maintenance and management improve for the benefit of our clients. Still, generally, things have improved greatly from even 3 years ago, especially given the number of new builds around. Let’s hope the new Owner’s Committees are better managed and funded as this impacts on the standards of the property in question!


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