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The Thailand Elite Visa – A Privileged Way to Extend One’s Stay

The Thailand Elite Visa One of the lasting immigration policies of the Thaksin Shinawatra administration is the “Privilege Entry Visa”, also called the “Elite Visa”. The Elite Visa is a multiple-entry visa, valid for five-years, which can be renewed easily upon expiration. But here’s the caveat: as long as the applicant still holds a valid…

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Thailand’s Ten-Year Retirement Visa – Will it Affect the Property Market?

Recently, the Thai government announced that that the Immigration Department will begin offering a ten-year retirement visa to foreigners over the age of 50 who meet other specific criteria. Almost immediately, the foreign retirement community in Thailand was up in arms thinking that they had to meet the criteria set forth by the government to…

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TM30 Explained! You Must Register Any Non Thai National Living In Your Property!

Are You Living In or Renting a Private Property in Thailand to Foreigners? Or simply have a someone staying in your property that is not a Thai national? If so, you need to be aware of a law that has existed in Thailand for quite a while and applies to everyone who provides accommodations to…

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A visit to Skill Centre Chiang Mai by Perfect Homes

Today, Rung and I, along with our daughter Asia and not forgetting Mum & Dad, had the absolute pleasure and privilege to spend the morning in the company of some very special children, their volunteer carers and Lukas Wyss, founder of  Skill Centre Chiang Mai at Nong Phueng, Saraphi. We arrived just after 9 AM.;…

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9 Ways to be safer on Chiang Mai’s roads when driving a tank is just not an option!

Most people arrive in Thailand promising themselves they will never drive a motor bike, the roads are just too hectic and unsafe. There are plenty of statistics supporting the fact that Thailand’s roads are amongst the most dangerous in the world and at Songkran this danger is amplified considerably. Although I can’t verify this, these…

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Movies Made in Chiang Mai

There have been quite a lot of movies filmed, or partially shot, in Thailand over the years. Gorgeous beaches, dense jungles, and fairly low production costs are just a few reasons why producers have chosen the Land of Smiles for their location. Did you know though that some of these movies have been filmed in…

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House Hunters International-Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is not the biggest secret out there anymore, there seems to be a great deal of interest in this great city.  Those that live here know why! It appears the American television audience want to know more also.  So,  House Hunters International  have just finished filming  another episode here. Perfect Homes was approached by…

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Driving Laws in Chiang Mai / Thailand

Driving Laws Thinking about renting a car or motorbike whilst in Thailand?  Read on to learn all about the relevant laws and regulations. Thailand drives on the left and the vast majority of cars are, therefore, right hand drives.  You will likely see some vehicles, especially scooters, sometimes driving on the wrong side towards incoming…

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