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Chiang Mai to recover after Covid!?

Chiang Mai likely to remain a favoured residential and tourism destination after coronavirus scare recedes As we all know, the impact of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting our daily lives in unprecedented ways. Accordingly, it may still be a little too early to ascertain the full impact of the virus on the Chiang Mai…

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The worldwide war on plastic has been given a massive boost after a supermarket in Thailand started wrapping its fresh fruit and vegetables in banana leaves, instead of the dreaded, ubiquitous plastic packaging. And when photos of the produce were posted by local estate agents Perfect Homes,the story went viral, with social media bursting with…

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Exciting new plastic saving initiative in Chiang Mai local supermarket goes VIRAL!

No different to many other cities in developing countries, Chiang Mai suffers the growing pains of pesky plastic waste. In recent years, though, a small but determined band of resistance have been doing their bit in and around town to help reduce, re-use and recycle the man-made stuff. So when Perfect Homes spotted a rather nifty alternative…

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BREAKING NEWS: Chiang Mai Immigration is moving! the word on where, when, why and what

Whether you’re in Thailand’s Northern Rose as a permanent resident or, like the rest of us ‘aliens’, here on a ‘Temporary Stay’ or ‘Long Stay’ entry permit, odds are you’re gonna have to call upon Chiang Mai Immigration at some stage. Be it for a Visa Extension (Tourist/Tourist Visa Exemption, Education, Business or on medical, volunteer, marriage…

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Dangerous Creatures of Chiang Mai – mind how you go…it’s a jungle out there!

Living in Chiang Mai, chances are you’ve never given a second thought to the fact that you’re actually smack dab in the Tropics. But, believe us, you are! And in this land of plantations and forests, criss-crossed with natural waterways and man-made drainage channels and, even in the midst of the city, still more than…

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A Guide to Laundry in Chiang Mai – a load off your mind

  If cleanliness is next to Godliness then the Thai are surely divine. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a more fastidious people anywhere on the planet. Among the locals, standards of personal hygiene are taken very seriously indeed and integral to their routine sanitation rituals is dressing in scrupulously clean outfits at…

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Drinking Water in Chiang Mai – A Survival Guide

Drinking Water in Chiang Mai – A Survival Guide It’s a familiar scene to those living in the developed world: parched, you reach for the tap (faucet) to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink of water not giving a moment’s thought to the origin, treatment or conveyance of such a precious –and life-giving- resource. Do that…

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Perfect Homes to pioneer next-gen real estate agents in Chiang Mai

Although the most popular type of real estate among foreign visitors to Chiang Mai, anyone who’s ever sought a condo unit here knows all too well the near mind-boggling choice on offer coupled with the potential language and cultural barriers. At Perfect Homes, we understand completely just how overwhelming and time-inefficient it can be to…

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