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Commercial property on the up in Chiang Mai!

Where House For Rent in Chiang Mai-1Typically, most enquiries we receive for commercial properties are primarily for guest houses and hotels. However, of late there has been a significant uplift in clients asking about space for yoga studios, restaurants, offices for start-up businesses, warehouses and logistics centres and so on.

Over the last six months or so, there seems to have been an evolution in the nature of many clients’ requirements to be more focussed on commercial opportunities and this portends well for Chiang Mai and the diversification of future businesses across the city.

omercial Property Chiang Mai ThailandAs Chiang Mai continues to grow both in population and accommodation terms, we envisage continuing demand for such property types and this, in turn, may well present an opportunity for developers to construct a wider variety of commercial properties other than the ubiquitous shop house or townhouse in order to meet the changing demands.

The city seems to lack well planned, well designed and built business parks which can cater for a variety of uses, including some of those mentioned above, and, hopefully, this new upsurge in demand will over time help redress this.

What do you think?  Can Chiang Mai support the sort of well manned, mixed use business parks which are more common in the UK or Australia?

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  1. Bill

    on said  

    Hi, I would of thought with all the changes in government and so on over the past year or two and the drop in tourism. There would be plenty of guest houses ready to be taken over.
    But I have been looking for several months now an I can not find one.

    Why is that? Do you have an good options for me?


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