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A lot of people want to plan ahead and know they have a property ready for them for when they arrive in Chiang Mai. Well, it is possible and here are some important points to take into account when booking a property before arriving in Chiang Mai. 

It must me noted, Perfect Homes prefers you to see the actual property and its location in person to avoid any confusion. So we would always advise highlighting a few properties a few days or a week or so prior to your arrival and then checking into a hotel or guesthouse in Chiang Mai. This gives you some time for one of our rental agents to show you the condo or house before you make your decision knowing you have seen the building and surroundings too. If you really do want to book ahead, and more and more people prefer to have their accommodation booked and ready to go then Perfect Homes can assist with this. 

Firstly, do not expect an AIRBNB-style unit, where bills are all-inclusive and the rooms are set up with shampoo, coffee maker, towels etc. Our owners set them up for the long-term market, meaning you pay your own bills, set up your own internet, and buy or bring your own towels. 

Perfect Homes is only the agent for the room and has no control over the room or the items found in the room. They are not standardized, so again we advise viewing the condo in person so you know what exactly is or isn’t in the property for you. 

Our agent will be with the owner to facilitate a check in and check out. These will be done in working hours 9 till 5 pm and so a check-in time will need to be a confirmed a few days in advance as the agent and owner may well have other appointments already that day. Again, it is not an Air Bnb style operation whereby an 11pm check in is possible. 

Once in the property, as previously said you will need to set up your own internet (which is simple and usually only takes a few days) and be responsible for paying all your own water, electric bills which is either done at the condo reception or the local 7/11 Store. (More information here on paying bills in Chiang Mai)

Before making a booking please ensure that you understand all the pros and cons. If you are happy to book in advance and fully understand and accept the booking deposit is non-refundable and will be passed straight to the owner then Perfect Homes can receive a a book deposit for the property. If you change your mind, the location is wrong, there are not enough items that you felt should be in the room, noisier than expected  or international border close for any reason, the deposit will be kept by the owner.  The owner has taken the property off the market for you and will not be returning the deposit, Of course, it goes without saying that Perfect Homes will not refund any money too, we are advising you to view first. 

5 steps to take before putting the non refundable booking deposit down.

  1. Ask if there is a 360 virtual tour of the room. More and more properties have a 360 Tour and this helps viewing the property. 
  2. Ask for a video call with the agent from the property. They can give you a tour of the property and show everything in the room, in the cupboards, the views and even the common areas.
  3. Search Google for the exact location of the condo.
  4. Do an independent search of the area on google street view. This gives you a better idea of what is around the area.
  5. Check if you need Parking and what options are available for you at the property.

FAQ - Booking Properties Sight Unseen

 Yes, but as mentioned we recommend viewing the property in person

Yes, for sure and this is advised if you are set on booking prior to your arrival in Chiang Mai, but again you are still responsible for the final decision

  • Generally speaking 15 days to a month in advance but is purely down to the individual owner as to whether he will accept the booking

Perfect Homes and owners, in general, are looking for a minimum of 3-month contracts on condos and 1 year on houses though it is again down to the individual owner's decision

Perfect Homes will only do check-in and check-outs during working hours

The booking deposit is often transferred directly to the owner so please understand that Perfect Homes will not be holding the deposit.

 This varies considerably from property to property so it is impossible for Perfect Homes to clearly state what is in the room. Hence we advise visiting the room in person.

No, none of the Perfect Homes condos are set up the same as AIRBNB, this is a completely different model so do not expect it to be the same.

No, generally speaking, all condos require you to pay your bills separately.

In 99% of cases you will be expected to set up your own internet direct from the internet providers.

Towels are virtually never supplied and you will be expected to provide your own.

The owner or Perfect Homes does not provide a cleaning service whilst you are staying at the condo. You may be able to ask about cleaning from the condo reception.

Checking out of rental properties will be done within working hours only.

All owners do their best to return deposits in a timely manner though deposit return terms and conditions will be stated in the rental agreement


The deposit on entering the condo is equal to two months' rent.

If you have minor issues during your stay you can ask the condo reception for help and they may refer you back to the property manager who may well be the property owner.

 Perfect Homes and most owners will not accept deposits or payments via Paypal


I am afraid we cannot nor owners cannot accept credit card payments

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