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Best condos to live in Chiang Mai?

Best condos to live in in Chiang Mai?

Following on from my last post, this set us talking internally about the best condos to live in in Chiang Mai. Whilst, of course, where you live is very personal, there are broadly speaking two quite distinct types of clients we see: those who want  modernity, up-to-date facilities, new, shiny condos with a pool and gym and, ideally, better management and security than the older blocks.

Any Guesses As To Which Condo This Is In?

Then there are those who are seeking the “old” Chiang Mai-type apartment—generally more spacious but often not in the best repair; tucked away down some leafy Soi, often accessed via pot-holed roads, but still evoking images of an era past when Chiang Mai was tranquil and serene.

Some say most modern condos are featureless and replicates of each other; others decry the lack of maintenance and hassles of living in the older, almost worn out blocks (albeit these tend to be in the more central locations).

So, what do you think? Which are the best (and worst) condo blocks to live in in Chiang Mai? Interested to hear the reasons for your choice too….

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