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9 Great Places to Get a Massage in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of places to get a massage, from stylish and luxurious spas through to roadside masseurs who often have many people waiting in turn.

Traditional Thai massage is one of the things that many visitors seek out when visiting the country, and it is also a regular practice for many Thai people and expats.  Different to other types of massage, the practitioners use all parts of their body to twist, turn, pull, push, knead and manipulate their clients.  It may be uncomfortable at the time, but is definitely shouldn’t be painful – and you should feel great the next day!

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea you can also enjoy an oil massage, foot massage, head massage, and many other techniques from all over the world.

This list is about top places to get a regular massage.  No happy endings are covered here … if that’s what you’re after that’s down to you to find!

Some great places for a massage in Chiang Mai include:

The Old Medicine Hospital

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A long-standing place with a good reputation, this is one of the most professional places in Chiang Mai to have a massage.  They also have a school to train people in the art of traditional Thai massage.  You can be assured of the very best standards from your experienced and trained masseurs.

Green Bamboo Massage

Located down a small alleyway, the peaceful entrance sets the scene for a tranquil and therapeutic massage.  Staff members are friendly and polite, and most speak decent English.  Clean and affordable, regulars keep coming back time and time again.  The masseurs focus their attentions on any problem spots that they find, without lingering so long that it becomes painful.

Lila Thai Massage

As well as having a good massage at a good price, a visit here helps to support local community initiatives.  The therapists are trained as part of a rehabilitation and reintegration program for previous prisoners at the Chiang Mai Women’s Prison.  The surroundings are clean and attractive, making it easy to feel relaxed.

Full Moon Massage

Offering traditional Thai massages, oil massages, and other treatments, this is a professional place to seek out when on the Loi Kroh Road.

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Baan Nit Massage

Specialising in deep tissue massages to really get to the root of any problems you may be facing and also herbal massages to relax your mind, body, and soul, traditional ancient Chinese procedures are used here, having been handed down throughout the generations.

Khunka Massage

If you want a massage in an elegant spa setting, this is an excellent choice.  As well as different types of massage they also offer other services, such as facials, manicures, pedicures, and scrubs.  Most therapists can speak good English.

Paradise Massage and Spa

All massage therapists here are male and they work inside a beautiful environment that is is decorated so as to resemble a traditional Lanna period place.

Lek Chaiya Massage

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In operation for a number of years, the owner has been practising and teaching massage for quite some time.  They really know what they are doing!  It is a convenient central location.

Night Market

For a cheap and cheerful roadside massage, there are plenty of places to choose from along the edges of the pavements at the Night Market.  Although you may feel strange being out in the open to begin with, you’ll quickly forget about it as you realise that nobody else is giving it a second thought.

Where do you like to go for a bit of pampering and a top massage in Chiang Mai?  Are there any spots that you would particularly recommend?