360 Virtual Property Tours – Chiang Mai


Property virtual tours that offer 24/7 viewings of any residential or commercial property at the click of a button.

360 tours are growing and growing in popularity,  They allow prospective renters or buyers to view your virtual tour 24 hours a day.  This is ideal for any size of property for you basic studio to your luxury 6 bedroom home in Chiang Mai.


Buyers and Renters spend more than two-thirds of their time online when searching for a property before they actually buy or rent. By providing them with more information than ever before, they are better enabled to make an informed decision and agents can then pre-qualify their interest levels, in turn, allowing more people than ever to view your property while at the same time saving you more time than ever. 


Until now the virtual tour used to be just for the Real Estate developer but Perfect Homes has the ability to produce tours at an affordable price for all owners with our scalable packages.  

Check out the prices below, remember after the first shoot there is just minimal hosting fees per year,  perfect for owners that rent out their properties long term or short term.  If you are a seller and have used your property to sell your home then there is no need to renew and the tour will simply expire.

Standard Tour Packages


Ideal for Small condos, Small houses and Business
฿ 5,000 Per Tour
  • 5 Panoramas
  • 50% off 1st Years Hosting
  • Links & Iframes For Sharing


Ideal for medium house /
condo and business
฿ 7,000 Per Tour
  • 10 Panoramas
  • 50% off 1st Years Hosting
  • Links & Iframes For Sharing


Ideal for large house/ condo and Commercial Properties
฿ 10,000 Per Tour
  • 15 Panoramas
  • 50% off 1st Years Hosting
  • Links & Iframes For Sharing

Custom Packages

The standard 360 Virtual Tour packages above will cover most standard rental condos to 3-4 bedroom homes in Chiang Mai. Though we have many larger than average properties on the sales and rental market where the standard package wont cover the requirements of the owner.  Please feel free to contact us for custom packages tailor made for your property.


Perfect for Property Developers , Owners of Multiple Properties,
Serviced and Property Management Companies.
Price On Request Contact Us To Discuss in More Detail
  • Unlimited Options
  • Free 1st Years Hosting​
  • Links & Iframes For Sharing

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